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Police Probes Organized Cheating in Civil Service Exam

Ankara police department has launched an investigation into claims of cheating and fraud in an examination for civil service positions in 2010.

Ankara police department has launched an investigation into claims of cheating and fraud in an examination for civil service positions in 2010.

Police have detained 75 people, 40 of whom are civil servants, in simultaneous operations in a number of provinces including Istanbul, Bursa, Isparta, Samsun, Sakarya, Sivas, Eskisehir, Corum, Batman and Izmir.

It was discovered that four people among the suspects collected money and funds for the Gülenist crime network under the name of fraternal contribution. The leader of worldwide Gülenist crime network Fethullah Gulen who has been living for years under the protection of the CIA on a ranch in Pennsylvania, has been alleged to have established an illegal network within the Turkish state.

The suspects face charges of membership in a criminal organization, document fraud, illegal and harmful activity in public institutions, destroying criminal evidence and abuse of power.

Some of the suspects police sought to detain were abroad.

Six people were released from the police department and seven others by the court, while the remaining 62 were arrested and referred to court.

The prosecutor said the detentions were due to a "strong suspicion that the suspects have indeed committed the crimes they have been charged with."

Thirty-two of the 62 suspects were held by the court, while the rest were released under judicial monitoring.

Four suspects confess to crimes

The detained suspects reportedly denied the charges against them. Asked how they achieved the perfect score in the exam, most of them said: "We worked hard on our own and succeeded."

Meanwhile, four suspects confessed to the crimes. Drawing from their testimonies, police concluded that all of the suspects were in touch with one another through an association in Ankara. The investigation found that the questions of the KPSS exam were brought to this association and distributed.

Some of the suspects acquired cellular phone lines using the IDs of senior citizens and used these lines to cheat in the KPSS exam. Those using the lines were later found to be affiliated to the association.

The suspects included a police chief suspected of meddling with computers examined by police and deleting traces of KPSS exam content.

Ankara prosecutor's office has issued a two-page written statement, saying that the parallel state presented a "great threat" to the Republic of Turkey by working to infiltrate government institutions and illegally obtaining and using public examination content and thereby usurping the rights of millions of people.

The statement said that while no candidate received the perfect score -- 120 out of 120 -- or even had 119 correct answers, the 2010 KPSS exam boasted 350 test-takers who responded to all 120 questions correctly. Of them, 70 were spouses, 23 related, and 52 living in the same building, site, or neighborhood.

Another statement by the prosecutor's office in Ankara said that there were 3,227 people who scored 100 or more, and 616 of them were currently in office as public servants.

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