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'You Deserve Rape' Quran Teacher Tells Students

Quran teacher L.Y.İ working in a secondary school in Tokat Province of Turkey said female students that they deserve to be raped for not wearing the Islamic headscarf, Hijab

The director of the school Mahmut Demirbağ speaking to media said "We talked to student's parents about this issue. Teacher apologized from the students," trying to cover the seriousness of the case. The Ministry of Education announced that the working place of the dangerous-minded teacher was changed despite she should be arrested due to committing hate crime.

According to the statements of the eyewitnesses, teacher L.Y.İ giving Quran lessons to students got angry with the male and female students talking to eachother and said You dont cover your head anyway, so raping you or doing evil to you is permissible [in Islam], Then she turned the students who recently joined the protests regarding the killing of a 20-year old Özgecan Aslan who was stabbed to death and then burned by her rapers and said "You went to protest. Did you pray for her? You will therefore be like her."

The student's parents who were not satisfied with meaningless statement of the school director filed a complaint against the teacher L.Y.İ.

She insulted 13-year-old girls for not wearing a headscarf during a Quran class, which is elective. This teacher cannot lecture my daughter, a parent told the Doğan News Agency.

Elective classes on the Quran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad have been included in Turkish schools since 2012.

The religious education class, on the other hand, is compulsory. A recent European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling stated that high school students in Turkey must be allowed to opt out of this class to ensure respect for parents convictions and to guarantee the right to education.

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