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1400 Workers Joined the Patriotic Party (Turkey) in 9 days

Around 1400 workers have reportedly joined the Patriotic Party only in the last 9 days

 The Workers Union Bureau of the Patriotic Party has held a meeting on “Country and Workers’ Struggle.” It was declared during the meeting that about 1400 workers joined the Patriotic Party only in 9 days since it was established. Yıldırım Koç, the chairman of the bureau has emphasized the importance of the struggle of the workers class, by saying that: “Increasing the struggle for workers cannot be done without defending the country.” 

He went on to explain why workers prefer to join the Patriotic Party: “Both working class and our country are under major danger due to the economic crisis, in particular. This has  caused them to join the party more. Country defense has to be on the level of working class. If we combine this two together, we can win this thing. Workers’ struggle would be lost without defending the country. We, as the Patriotic Party, are combining these two. We are establishing workers committees all over Turkey, to give training on the basic rights of workers. There will be more. Workers must know their rights first in order to defend themselves. The struggle will increase once they understand this.” 

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