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5 Injured in Parlimentary Session

During the session on the internal security act, MPs of the ruling AKP attacked the members of other parties

 Maps of the ruling AKP government and opposition parties came to blows during the discussion of the internal security act which highly empowers the police force of Turkey. Five MPs were badly injured and taken to hospital afterwards.

CHP MP Musa Çam reportedly had a few ribs broken. The parliament group deputy chairman Ayşe Nur Bahçekapılı commented on the incident: “The Internal Security Act caused chaos even before its introduction. If this act passes, God forbid that no one will be safe in the streets of Turkey and we will be left with no rights. It will be quite insecure for all of us.”

In the meantime, MPs of the AKP blamed the opposition parties CHP and HDP for provoking the issue. AKP Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitaş stated: “MP Zenderlioğlu of HDP threw a chair at us in the session. A CHP MP threw a bell towards us. One MP fell down on the flowers.”

CHP and HDP deputy chairmen have announced that they applied the parliament speakership to investigate the incident.

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