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AKP Prepares to Launch the New Martial Law Package

The ruling AKP begin to work the General Assembly of the Parliament for the new State of Emergency Package despite the strong opposition from the public and the Parliament

 All of the topics discussed in the first day of the draft discussions. It was planned by the General Assembly of the Parliament to keep the Parliament open even in the weekends for the completion of the 132 items package for three weeks. Key elements of the bill are as follows:

Police by-passes legal decision in the body search

According to the current legislation, police is now allowed to make a body search on a suspicious person without the legal decision of the judges and prosecutors. However, the new bill allows police to do a body search in case of a suspicion at the order of a police chief.

48 hours of wiretapping without court decision

According to current legislation, the authority of the police for wire-tapping is limited to 24 hours in emergency situations. The situations that exceed 24 hours require a court decision. According to the new arrengement. Police will be able to conduct wiretapping without a court decision.

Police gains authority to use weapon

The new arrangement allows police to use weapons against those who attack or attempt to attack to a public place with molotov cocktail, or any burning, inflammable, suffocating or hurtful material.

4 years prison sentence for fireworks and slingshots

According to the new arrangements, those who come to a protest with fireworks, slingshots or iron balls will be sentenced to four years due to Law No. 2911 on Meetings and Demonstrations.

3 years prison sentence for V for Vendetta Mask

Those who hide their faces in demonstrations will be able to be sentenced for 3-5 years. This arrangement is also include those who put a V for Vendetta mask or a gas mask for protecting themselves from the tear gas in the Gezi Park demonstrations.

All houses turn to a Police Station

According to the new arrangement, the police will be able to take the testimony of the people in their workplace and even in their houses. The jurists are interpreting this application as carrying the police stations to people's houses.  

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