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'Atlantic system is for the first time being questioned in Turkey at the state level'

Aydınlık columnist Yavuz Alogan analyzed discussions on Turkey's new geopolitical orientation towards Eurasia in the light of particular political developments that the country has faced over the last few months

Mustafa Birol Guger / Istanbul

Alogan, describing the debate of a possible 
'axial shift' on Turkish foreign policy referred to the the theory of comparative and absolute advantages of classical economists such as David Ricardo and Adam Smith.

From this point of view Alogan said, “Everyone is talking about numbers and figures in the essays regarding Turkey's future positioning in the Atlantic or Eurasian camps... We're more like a major client arranging finances to decide on which company to go with...”

'Atlantic system is being questioned at the state level'

Alogan who is pretty sure that 'Turkey is certainly preparing for a major shift' in its geopolitical orientation said, “We finally realized that the NATO is hostile to us; in the end we're rusting away at the threshold of the EU and if we can not set a new geopolitical orientation, the country will collapse.”

In terms of emphasizing the seriousness of the debates regarding the existing 'axial shift' on Turkish foreign policy Alogan said, “For the first time, the Atlantic system is being questioned in Turkey at the state level. This is a point of no return for Turkey and is of historical importance.”

Alogan stressed that the Turkish public should be ready for strong objections from the 'Atlanticist elements of the ruling AKP and the CHP' who are told to be in panic since the beginning of the political debate in question.

Alogan said that the closest elements of the Atlantic system in Turkey have already begun their objections pointing out the words of Deputy PM Mehmet Şimşek describing the EU as a great success story.

Atlanticists are ready for action

Alogan did not also forget Selin Sayek Böke, main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy chair and spokeswoman who stressed that the 'cooperation between Turkey and EU is indispensable' following President Erdoğan's harsh criticism targeting the EU's existing Turkey policy.

In parallel with these developments Alogan warned that Turkey's comprador bourgeoisie, the pro-EU elements within the state bureaucracy and the pro-NATO officers inside the Turkish Military will possibly step into action under rhetorics starting with 'our military standards' and goes with 'trade and investment partnerships...'

'Neo-liberal economic policies must be abandoned'

Alogan proposing his own essential solutions said, “In order for Turkey to be able to move from the Atlantic system, all privatized organizations must be nationalized, neo-liberal economic policies must be abandoned, all institutions affiliated to the Ministry of the National Education must be restructured with an understanding based on secular and scientific education.” He also added that the Turkish Armed Forces must also be reformed in order to take a strong place in that new direction.

For Alogan, if Turkey does not fulfill these natural obligations, “the Atlantic system will continuously reproduce itself within the existing economic and political culture as Turkey headed towards Eurasia.”

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