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Citizens Pour into Turkey's New Unifying Front, the Patriotic Party

Turkish citizens showed a great interest to the newly established "Patriotic Party", the united power of the nationalists, populists and socialists of Turkey which was established in the Assembly of the Unity for the National Government organized by the Workers' Party

 The Patriotic Party Central Executive Board member Mustafa Sevim said in his speech to Aydınlık, "We organized our assembly to unite our people against those who run Turkey into debt. The enthusiasm in the assembly hall showed us that the nationalists, populists and socialists are getting united in the Patriotic Party. Besides, 2 thousand 550 citizens who applied to be a member of the Patriotic Party via internet within the first 24 hours increased our hopes for the near future. Our way is bright. The expected unity rationalized. Now our ultimate goal is to form the National Government."

Occupational groups of the new members

Occupational distribution of the citizens who became a member of the Patriotic Party within the first twenty-four hours is as follows:

Managers 3 percent

Civil Servants 3 percent

Retired soldiers 2 percent

Students 3 percent

Teachers 4 percent

Tradesmen 4 percent

Accountants 5 percent

Workers 5 percent

Technicians 5 percent

Freelancers 7 percent

Engineers&Architects 11 percent

Housewifes 8 percent

Public relations experts 1 percent

Farmers 1 percent

Journalists 1 percent

Nurses 1 percent

Economists 1 percent

Lawyers 1 percent

Draftsmen 1 percent

Unemployed 1 percent

Other professional groups 5 percent

The rate of those who did not

specify their profession are 13 percent

Age ratio

The age distribution of the new members of the Patriotic Party is as follows:

15-25 - 13 percent

25-35 - 18 percent

35-45 - 18 percent

45-55 - 26 percent

55-65 - 20 percent

65-75 - 4 percent

75-85 - 1 percent  

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