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Erdoğan “Pray, Do Not Dance!”

President Erdoğan criticized feminists in Turkey this time, for dancing in a memorial

 Turkish President Erdoğan has manipulated a feminist activity this time, by criticizing the women’s dance, which he regarded as they were dancing for Özgecan who was killed last week by her rapers. However, the event was scheduled weeks before the tragic death of Özgecan. Erdoğan did not miss the chance to make the incident crooked.

The event named “One Billion Rising” which took place at the same time all around the world, protests the violence towards women, by emphasizing rape, incest, circumcision and sex slavery. And, their slogan is “Dance Against Violence.” However, Erdoğan presented the situation as if women were dancing after Özgecan’s death, saying: “What kind of a thing is this? If you know how, pray! Offer your condolences to her family. They are dancing. What does it mean in our culture? They are enjoying death!” Erdoğan received a great deal of criticism on social media after his poor judgement.  

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