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Erdogan's Son Bilal’s Little Ships are Growing

Bilal Erdoğan, the youngest son of Turkish President Erdoğan, has bought the tanker named SHOVKET ALEKPEROVA for 18 million dollars

 Derya Derviş

BMZ Group Shipping Agent, belonging to the Erdoğan family, continues to expand its ship fleet.

Erdoğan’s son Bilal has bought the tanker named SHOVKET ALEKPEROVA for 18 million dollars. BMZ Group belongs to Bilal Erdoğan, his sister and her husband.

The company bought two tankers for 18 million dollars each last year. BMZ does not pay taxes for carrying the Malta flag. It has attracted attention that all three tankers were bought from Palmali Shipping Agent owned by Mubariz Gurbanoğlu, an Azeri businessman.

Erdoğan brothers continue to master the shipping industry in Turkey. As Bilal Erdoğan buys new tankers, his brother Burak Erdoğan owns 99% of the shares of MB Shipping Agent. It is claimed that the tankers owned by the MB Agent are worth 80 million dollars.

PM Erdoğan’s Son Works, Assad Earns

It was previously revealed by Aydınlık that G.İnebolu vessel owned by PM Erdoğan's son Burak Erdoğan is reported to conduct transportation operations between Russia and Syria despite PM Erdoğans devastating policies towards Syria.

While PM Erdoğan is continuing to direct strong words towards the Syrian President Bashar Assad incessantly ,and using every tool including terror organizations to overthrow him, a vessel called G.İnebolu which is owned by Erdoğan's company the Manta Maritime is reported to conduct transportation operations between Russia and Syria.

The Manta Shipping company, owned by Mecit Çetinkaya who also possesses 1% of MB Denizcilik whose remaining 99% of shares belong to PM Erdoğan’s eldest son Burak, is controlling the ships owned by Burak Erdoğan under a single roof. On the ‘Our Fleet’ section on the official website of Mata Shipping, single-word names of their ships include Cihan, Bosna, Sakrya, Penyez and Safran. According to the Istanbul Chamber of Trade, MB Denizcilik and Manta Shipping operate out of the same office in Üsküdar, İstanbul.

With PM Erdoğan being an zealous and vocal opponent of Syrian President Assad, supporting various opposition group in Syria, information that a member of his family was trading with the ‘enemy’ will doubtless cause discomfort for the AKP government.

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