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Kurdish Resolution Process Comes to a Deadlock

Pro-government columnists began to blame, Abdullah Öcalan the leader of the PKK after the expected signal concerning the termination of the armed insurgency and laying down the weapons did not come from the PKK

 It was told that there is a conflict between Öcalan and the armed-wing of the PKK. Then Öcalan stated that the resolution process may come to an end. According to some commentators, President Erdogan does not want to create an image like the ruling AKP sit down at the table with the PKK. Moreover, he wants to create an image like the PKK surrendered to the Government.

Pro-Kurdish party in the Turkish Parliament, The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) delegation met with Öcalan in 4th of February and then the delegation headed to Qandil Mountain, the headquarters of the PKK. Accoring to the information leaked from the government circles, the HDP delegation was planning a joint declaration with Deputy PM Yalçın Akdoğan regarding the resolution process and they would accordingly announce the PKK's laying down the weapons. President Erdogan had confirmed this information in return of his tour in Latin America.

KCK/PKK: The process may come to an end

After all of these developments, the PKK administration in Qandil made a statement and blamed the AKP government for not taking a step forward. He added that the PKK is on the verge of making new decisions. It was reported by the KCK, an umbrella organization for the Kurdish armed insurgency including the PKK, the Kurdish resolution process may enter an extremely dangerous and critical ending period in 15th of February.

Alleged dispute between Qandil and Öcalan

Abdulkadir Selvi, columnist of pro-government Yeni Şafak newspaper who has a strict contact with the pro-government circles wrote in his column yesterday, "The Qandil is blocking the call for laying down the weapons at the expense of wasting Öcalan. The HDP stands together with the Qandil and does not share the message of Öcalan with the public."

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