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Pekin “Kurdish Initiative Causes Weakness”

The Patriotic Party Vice Presient İsmail Hakkı Pekin stated: “Soldiers who are made wait in the barracks lack of experience, which serves for the purpose of terrorists.”

Pekin has claimed that the Kurdish Initiative process has been causing weakness in the Turkish Armed Forces, as soldiers are made to wait in barracks and lack of experience. 

“Experience is important in fighting against terrorism. The politics that the government has been following for the past years and incidents which happened to soldiers have caused weakness. Terrorists have found the opportunity to do whatever they want.” Pekin stated. 

He went on to say: “The attitude of the people in the region is important for the fight against PKK. I served in the region for many years. I know its people. When the government acts properly, people take side with the government, not the PKK. What has happened in Diyadin is the sign of this fact.” 

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