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Perinçek-Assad Summit Scares President Erdogan

Turkish Patriotic Party delegation's visit to Syria to meet with Syrian President Bashar Assad has caused President Erdogan to get into a panic. Erdogan applied to insulting words regarding the critical meeting

 President Erdogan speaking in the Governors Meeting said "Someone from this country go and visit a murderer who is responsible for the killing of 350 thousand people," whitewashing the documented contribution of the AKP government to the terror squads fighting against the integrity and sovereignty of Syria. 

Erdogan also said "What is happening in Syria. The international community remains a spectator od the other's pain. Someone from this country go and visit a murderer who is responsible for the killing of 350 thousand people. This is a situation which should make us deeply deliberate."

Turkish Patriotic Party delegation and the Syrian officials will try to find constructive solutions for the questions such as developing economic cooperation and solidarity between the two countries, ceasing ethnic and religious conflicts and terrorism in the region.

The Chairman of the Patriotic Party Doğu Perinçek had said the following in his speech regarding the Syria visit:

"Tayyip Erdogan and his accomplices set fire in the neighbor’s house and now the flames are coming closer to our house. Syria's trouble is Turkey's trouble. Hostility against Syria is Hostility against Turkey. Syria's territorial integrity is Turkey's territorial integrity. Peace in Syria means peace in Turkey. We will end ethnic and religion based terrorism in our region in cooperation with Syria, Iraq and Iran. We will stand in homage at the Tomb of Suleyman Shah with our friend, the Syrian President Bashar Assad after the establishment of the National Government."

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