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Perinçek: We Trust the Turkish Army

The Chairman of the Patriotic Party Doğu Perinçek says "the hostility against the army in the political circles of Turkey is more than anywhere around the world. The USA and the EU is at the center of the hostility against the Turkish Armed Forces."

We Trust the Turkish Army

Doğu Perinçek

The hostility against the army in the political circles of Turkey is more than anywhere around the world.

The USA and the EU is at the center of the hostility against the Turkish Armed Forces

It is important to determine the true cause of this fact: Let's look at the US and the EU sources published since 1991. You will see that they have conducted an intense attrition campaign against the Turkish Army. Our friend Hasan Bögün's study, "the Turkish Armed Forces in the US and the EU documents (ABD ve AB Belgeleriyle Türk Ordusu - (http://www.kaynakyayinlari.com/abd-ve-ab-belgeleriyle-turk-ordusu-p362487.html) is explaining about this campaign with concrete evidences in detail.

Ergenekon, Balyoz (Sledgehammer), Poyrazköy and Military Espionage cases are at the peak of the operation conducted towards the Turkish Army. The two organization were at the center of the operations, the Workers' Party (todays Patriotic Party) in political ground and the Turkish Armed Forces in the military ground.

We faced an operation which aims to surrender the Turkish Armed Forces without a fight. The alliance of Tayyip Erdoğan-Abdullah Gül-Fethullah Gülen was the main branch of the Atlantic front in Turkey. They did not conduct the operation alone, the PKK was also on the same side with the USA in the Ergenekon fight. Besides, the left-wing organizations who do not have a patriotic sense were always on the side of the PKK.

We are at the National Front with our nation

Now you will probably ask if there can be a left-wing personality without patriotic sense? Of course no! Our era is the era of fighting against imperialism and the center of the revolution is the homeland.

The homeland is at the focus of the global forces constituting a center for the counter-revolution. Do you see how they are trying to liquidate our national government and the patriotic thought? In this situation, bringing the armed power of the national government to its knees is the primary goal of the global powers.

Those who benefit from the army hatred cannot manage the national government

Turkish Army's operation to secure the Tomb of Suleyman Shah in Syria was a great opportunity for the powers led by imperialism. Devlet Bahçeli, the Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) was one of the most reckless of them. His words aiming at the Turkish General Staff and Turkish Army is causing a conflict with the senses and the values of the Turkish nation. The MHP administration continued their attitude with the words of the Deputy Chairman Semih Yalçın. This attitude can be explained with a Fethullah Gülen connection in the global centers. The Chairman of Turkish main opposition party, the CHP Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has a similar problem regarding the Turkish Armed Forces. He reveals this at every opportunity.

Yes, I had to mention the leadership of the CHP and the MHP here in my column. They almost forced me to do this with their statements. These guys cannot manage a government and take Turkey from this darkness. They cannot destroy the reign of the AKP just because they cannot manage the government. They should have an ability of managing the government to destroy the AKP.

Aydınlık Newspaper must stand tall

Let's come to ourselves. The attack of the MHP leader Bahçeli towards the Turkish General Staff Necdet Özel was covered by Aydınlık under the heading, "Quarrel between Bahçeli and Özel." This heading is not compatible for our responsibility to stand tall against any kind of attack against the Turkish Armed Forces.

Its an important responsibility for us to strengthen the ties between the Army and the nation.

We can clearly see this when we look around.

Turkey is against the threats that can only be neutralized with the power of the Armed Forces. Everybody who feels the love for the homeland will understand this soon. The issue is to understand it today and developing a stance against it.

We are in our trenches

We will protect the independence and integrity of Turkey primarily with the sanction power of the Turkish Army. There is no development that can shake our trust for the Army, on the contrary, Turkish Army is in a position that strengthen our nation's trust. 

Second, there can't be a neutral stance against the rudeness. If the rudeness in question aims at the Turkish Armed Forces, we have the responsibility to stand in the side of army.

The Patriotic Party trusts the Turkish Armed Forces

This trust is not only derives from the trust for the Independence War customs but also takes its power from the important cases of the last 25 years.

The most important point is that we are not columnists or journalists observing the cases but the warriors inside our trenches.

Do not fear the psychological warfare materials, superstitions and gossips! Those who fear in every risky situation unnecessarily cannot win the war.

We strongly believe that the Turkish Army will never embarrass the Turkish nation.

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