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Prime Minister Tells Governors: “Hit, Break and Smash”

Turkish Prime Minister Davutoğlu has given governors the order of showing no mercy to protestors

Davutoğlu introduced the new Interior Security Act to governors, stating that: “You will approach these pro-violence vandals who burn down our cities with no mercy, because the mercy you show them is a weakness.”

He emphasized that the state should have both authority and affection. “A state without authority and affection cannot be a state. […] A state which lacks of authority get weak.” he stated.

Having referring to the Gezi Park protests in June 2013, he went on to say: “Here, the authority of the state should speak. Your duty is not to hesitate if such a thing happens. […] Waiting is only a weakness when these vandals burn down our cities, because they show no mercy to people. To protect our cities is our duty. There will be authority and affection of the state wherever you are. A governor who sits in his office while there is an incident going on out there ignores his duties.”

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