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“Southeast Rises with the Patriotic Party”

Some of the newly-registered members have expressed why they have joined the Patriotic Party

İlyas Gümrükçü / Mardin - Şanlıurfa

The Patriotic Party Deputy Chairman and former Vice President of the Turkish Grand Assembly Hasan Korkmazcan visited the southeastern Turkey last weekend, to come together with the members of his party in the region. He stated: “All these people joining the party is the sign of them rising again for the unity and integrity of Turkey and to become in charge of the future of the country again.” 

We asked the newly-registered members of the party why they have joined the Patriotic Party. 

Murat Göklü: “I left the CHP to join the Patriotic Party because it struggles for the unity of the country. I chose this party because I believe that it will bring peace to our country and region. 

Mehmet Solay: I chose the Patriotic Party because CHP cooperated with the Gülen Gang. 

Engin Oran: I have joined the Patriotic Party because I believe that it will bring solution to the problems of our country. 

Şehmus Ay: Only the Patriotic Party can defeat the AKP government. I joined the party because I believe in this. 

Cafer Hacıkadiroğulları: I used to be a member of the Workers’ Party. Now it has become bigger. I have always been proud of being a member. 

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