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The nation will respond terrorist attacks with a revolution

The Patriotic Party (Turkey) Chairman Doğu Perinçek speaking at the 10th Ordinary General Assembly of the party's youth wing, the Vanguard Youth (Öncü Gençlik) said, "the Turkish nation's unity cannot be disrupted with such bombings" adding that "We will soon give the greatest answer to the imperialists."

Mustafa Birol Guger

Perinçek stated that the Turkish nation will respond to the attacks of terrorists of whom are actually the pawns of imperialists with a revolution. Perinçek added that the only way to achieve on this course is clearing the traces of the imperialists from the country's economic and cultural life.

Highlights of Doğu Perinçek's speech:

"As we see the dignified determination of the Turkish youth in your eyes, we feel confident about the future. In your bright eyes, we see the generation which will complete the Kemalist Revolution and rule the independent, populist, statist, nationalist, revolutionary and secularist Turkey in the future"

'We are fighting for the freedom and dignity of the mankind'

"Turkish nation is not only fighting for independence and enlightenment of Turkey but also carrying out a struggle for the freedom and dignity of the mankind as we did during the War of Independence. Today we are in a struggle for the future of the people of all seven continents."

"Here, we see the ostentatious, exaggerated and arrogant image of the United States. We see the enemies of Turkey. However, we have the power, historical accumulation and faith to deal with them. As we look at your eyes, we see it better."

'Turkey gets rid of an Atlantic-oriented system of exploitation'

"Turkey is getting rid of an Atlantic-oriented system of exploitation. This is the greatest sign of the upcoming revolution. The nation is becoming free."

"The US attempts to exercise control over Turkey have been badly disappointed after the failed coup attempt on July 15 with the help of the determined stance of the Patriotic Party, the Turkish nation and the Turkish Army."

'The Turkish army is getting out from the cage'

"The Turkish army is getting out from the cage where it has been incarcerated years ago. The Turkish nation and the grassroots of the political parties which we can describe as the right-wing parties break their chains. Turkey is getting rid of its handcuffs."

"It is a revolutionary sign for Turkey to intervene in the US-Israel sponsored terrorist corridor in the Northern Syria with the operation Euphrates Shield for the indivisible integrity of our neighbour and brother country Syria. Now, Turkey is heading towards a big decision."

'We will make Turkey independent again'

"First of all, the United States will recognize the territorial integrity of Turkey. There is no such power exists in this world that is capable of dissolving our country. The United States will give up or we will force them to give up having dreams such as 'Kemalism has come to an end.'"

"We will make Turkey independent, united, integrated, enlightened, cleared from the medieval darkness, populist and democratic as Ataturk envisaged."

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