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The Patriotic Party Intimidates the AKP Government

The newly-established Patriotic Party has become a nightmare for the ruling AKP government. The government officials are criticizing the party severely

Following the criticisms of President Erdoğan, the ruling party officials continue targeting the Patriotic Party. Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç made a harsh statement at the council of ministers: “I can guess roughly which project is promoted by whom. This project also includes the Patriotic Party. This is my personal thought.” 

He also commented on the recent meeting between the Patriotic Party President Doğu Perinçek and Syrian President Assad and the fact that former founder member of the AKP Abdüllatif Şener was also in the committee. “Can you just think that a man who was a founder member of the AKP, served as a deputy prime minister, takes pride in being an alumni of the Islamic Divinity High School is now visiting Assad in Syria with Doğu Perinçek.” he stated. 

Another point on Arınç’s agenda was Turkish Parliamentary Association Hasan Korkmazcan being assigned to the vice presidency of the Patriotic Party. He went on to say: “Another man who served in the Justice Party, Homeland Party, worked as a parliamentary deputy speaker and president of the Turkish Parliamentary Association can now join the party of Doğu Perinçek.” he concluded. 

President Erdoğan had criticized the visit of the Patriotic Party to Assad in Syria. He told on 27 Feb, during the meeting with governors: “Somebody from this country is visiting a murderer of 350.000 people.” 

Sermon Bolluk of the Patriotic Party has made a statement, responding the accusations of the AKP officials: “Two attempts came in the same front. At one side, there is this AKP and PKK following the US instructions to separate Turkey, provoke terrorism into our neighbors. At the other side, there is the Patriotic Party with its policy of peace at home, peace at neighbors. We had prevented the US-AKP-PKK from changing the constitution to separate Turkey before. We will also stop their separatist plans and bring a solution to life. Our chairman’s visiting Assad in Syria and Ahmadinejad at the airport are important steps. There will be more. They are doomed to failure. The politics of the Patriotic Party will be brought to life soon. What Arınç is doing is called “a brave thief presses the host.” They have the dream of separating Turkey with PKK. It can be seem that the AKP government is in great fear. Traitors are coward. Arınç is right only t one point: The Patriotic Party will stand against this betrayal planned in the Dolmabahçe Palace. We will guarantee our nation’s integrity. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebenon and Egypt are enemies to the AKP government, but friends to Turkey. We will establish the nationalist government after 7 June, bringing peace to our country and region and asking the betrayers to pay for this treachery.” 

Hasan Korkmazcan, Deputy Chairman of the Patriotic Party, has also responded such accusations: “The Patriotic Party is a national project to unify the national forces. Arınç made two statements in a row. First, he said that AKP and HDP cannot come together. The reality disproved him in 24 hours. It was declared int he Dolmabahçe Palace that AKP and PKK are allies in this treachery. A terrorist organization which is an imperialistic instrument has made a party in our independency. Arınç was supposed to make a second statement resisting the anti-national projects as a person who chaired the only parliament that fought for freedom in the world. However, he said that the Patriotic Party was a project. It is, to unify the national forces of Turkey. It is the only resisting force which will deactivate the Greater Middle Eastern Project.”

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