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The Patriotic Party is on the Way to National Government

Thousands of patriots gathering in the Assembly of the Unity for the National Government held in the Arena Sports Hall in Ankara changed the name of the Worker's Party to the Patriotic Party unanimously.

 The first elected Chairman of the Patriotic Party Doğu Perinçek started his speech saying "We have gathered with the shame of leaving Özgecan in flames. We will never forgive ourselves," referring to a 20-year-old female student, Özgecan Aslan who was stabbed to death and then burnt after resisting a minibus driver's attempt to rape her.

Perinçek also said, “We promise, we will save our women from this dark regime. We promise, we will destroy the reign of Tayyip Erdogan and his accomplices. We promise we will make the workers and the peasants the lord of the nation. We promise we will establish Turkey unifying the Turks and the Kurds. We will establish a producing Turkey and we promise the market will get wealthier.

The following resolution were adopted as the main principle of the assembly: The Patriotic Party is the vanguard party struggling for the national power of Turkey's working class, peasants, craft and related trades workers, civil servants, white-collar workers and national businessmen. The Patriotic Party will build the nationalist, populist and socialist accumulation of the Turkish Republican Revolution under a single discipline.

Thousands of patriots consist of former ministers and MPs, mine and energy workers, soldiers, artists, journalists and intellectuals of Turkey gathered in the 1st Assembly of the Patriotic Party, to join the party.

Former State Minister Tayfun İçli: This is a great image, a desired image of Turkey. This is the desired synergy of the Turkish nation which has been expected for so long. Everyone is getting united in the Patriotic Party. This is just a start.

Former Minister of Turkic Republics Abdulhaluk Mehmet Çay: I wish this unity would be beneficial in terms of Turkey's policy.

Former Minister of Transport and Communication: Turkey is under the attack of external and internal collaborators. However, the ranks are becoming clearer against this treachery. The confrontation is between the nationalists and the anti-nationalist collaborators. The Patriotic Party is the pioneer of the nationalist wing without an excuse.

Former Deputy Spokesman of the Parliament Hasan Korkmazcan: Those who got united in the patriotic front are opening a new path for Turkey. The attacks against Turkey and Turkish nation will be eliminated by this coexistence. The joint political program of all of the patriots is the way of the Patriotic Party.

Ret. General Levent Ersöz: Today is the day when the sun of Anatolia rises again. Today is the gathering day for the intellectuals and the patriots and the first step of their march towards the National Power. We will destroy the reign beyond the ocean.

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