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Today's political confrontation in Turkey

Turkey is currently experiencing the 2nd War of Independence. Turkey is waging a patriotic war against the secession of the country which is originally imposed by the Atlantic system...

Chairman of the Patriotic Party (Turkey)

Turkey is currently experiencing the 2nd War of Independence. Turkey is waging a patriotic war against the secession of the country which is originally imposed by the Atlantic system.

Existing situation

Turkey is now facing the U.S. imperialism in the territory called the 'Kurdish Corridor' in the northern part of Syria and Iraq.

Turkey is waging a war against the U.S. backed seperatist terrorism and the Gladio's Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO).

Turkey is breaking its chains with the Atlantic bloc and turning towards an independent position in Eurasia. The developments regarding the relationship between Turkey and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) proves that Turkey's orientation becomes more officialized. Turkey which is not a member of the SCO was nominated as the term president of the Energy Club of the organization. Turkey which is not producing energy became the president of the SCO Energy Club which produces the majority of the World energy. Turkey which has been stalled in the door frame of the Atlantic system for decades is now taking a dignified position in Eurasia.

Turkey is on the verge of breaking the siege of the debt spiral imposed by the Atlantic bloc with the production economy. There's no other solution.

Existing confrontation

In the upcoming process, the political confrontation in Turkey will concentrate on the following axes:

The Eurasian option against the Atlantic system.

In other words, the national front against the Atlantic collaborators.

Supporters of the unity of the country against the seperatist terrorism backed by the Atlanticists.

Supporters of democracy and independence against the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) backed by the Atlanticists.

Those who struggle for establishing a production-oriented economy are against a debt-oriented economy imposed by the Atlantic bloc.

Workers and peasants, craft and related trades workers, public workers, retirees, industrialists and merchants are against hot-money dealers, foreign exchange and stock market profiteers of the Atlantic system.


Now we should position all political forces with the answers to the questions regarding the major conficting issues in the country

Which forces are still in pursuit of proving their loyalty to the Atlantic system and which forces support Turkey's membership in the SCO?

Which forces are trying to protect the PKK's political wing, the HDP under the support of the U.S. and which forces support the armed struggle against the PKK terrorism?

Which forces serve as a shield for the PKK against the operation Euphrates Shield and which support the Turkish Army?

Who visited the members of the FETO in prisons and launched fraudulent 'human rights' campaigns and who fighting for purging the militants of FETO from the state and society?

Who supports the debt-oriented economic model of Kemal Derviş and who struggles for establishing a production-oriented economy?

Please answer all of these questions one by one according to the current positions of the AKP, CHP, MHP and the Patriotic Party.

Those who became an auxiliary force for the PKK through the propaganda of the bogus left-wing organizations should also answer these questions. They used to shout out, 'down with the U.S. imperialism' at the past, where do they stand now?

First, everyone should answer these questions to find out to which direction that anti-Erdogan rhetorics were dragged the people. Then everyone should question themselves to determine their position in the current confrontation.

Political positioning

The position of the Patriotic Party is clear and precise:

We have been defending the Eurasian option for 30 years.

We have supported Turkey's membership in the SCO as an inevitable solution since the beginning of the foundation of the organization.

The Patriotic Party is at the core of the homeland defense and fights at the forefront.

It has supported the armed struggle against the seperatist terrorism and Turkish government is now doing what it has supported for years.

The Patriotic Party has struggled against the FETO for 40 years alone and performed an historical duty during the failed coup attempt in July 15.

The Patriotic Party has brought a production-oriented economic model to the agenda of the country against the existing debt-oriented economy and is now placing the National Resistance Economy to the country's agenda as a sharp solution under the leadership of the laboring classes.


We can only experience 'betrayal' from the Atlantic bloc any more.

At the past, positioning the country in the Atlantic system could be interpreted as 'just a wrong policy'. However today, we have entered into a new period where politics turned into war. Today Turkey is in an indirect war with the U.S. We are not fighting against the PKK alone. We should not forget that there was a bloody battle between Turkey and the United States for 12 hours at the night of July 15.

The real betrayal at this point is collaboration with the USA.

Me and my friend, Yıldırım Koç, the Deputy Chairman of the Patriotic Party told the following to the Agence France Press representative Raziye Zeynep Akkoç and the Wall Street Journal author Yaroslav Trofimov:

We could be friends with the U.S. and the EU in order they do not interfere in the integrity of our country and cut their support to the PKK and FETO.

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