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Ultimate Goal of the Patriotic Party is to Complete Kemalist Revolution

Doğu Perinçek, the Chairman of the Patriotic Party whom the AKP have kept in prison for seven years said in his speech during the first assembly of the newly established party that their ultimate goal is to complete Kemalist revolution

Doğu Perinçek, the former Chairman of the Workers' Party and the current Chairman of the newly established Patriotic Party who could not attend the last assembly of the Workers' Party due to his seven years imprisonment in scope of the Ergenekon trial said, “Republic is the determinant of the future. We established this country through a revolution. We promise that we will save our women from this dark regime. The Turkish republic cannot be a country of sheiks, dervishes, disciples and rapists. Now we are all standing up together and we swear in front of our great revolutionary leader that we will establish the Kemalist Republic again. We promise that Turkey will be independent and enlightened by the unity of Kurds, Turks, Sunnis and Alevis again,” in his speech in the Assembly of the Unity for the National Government.

Highlights of Perinçek's Assembly of the Unity for the National Government speech:

We will destroy the reign of hot money”

Perinçek also said, “The current political rulership created a country in debt. They are scrambling in the need of hot money. They will be destroyed. We will destroy the reign of hot money. I promise.”

We saved Turkish Army being captured by the NATO."

"We trust in our party. We came to this point after a long-term fight against the radical Islamist mindset. Turkish Army always saved the Turkish nation. Our party saved Turkish Army being captured by the NATO."

We trust patriotism standing up against the colonialism in the Middle East."

"The global powers thought that they can destroy the Kemalist state. They thought that they can split and resolve this country. The United States was defeated against Syria. We trust Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Tunusia and patriotism which is standing up against the colonialism in the Middle East."

We resisted against the so-called genocide imposition with the power of our nation”

Recognizing the so-called Armenian Genocide was one of the four requirements of the USA and the EU. They were trying to split the country. The first requirement was the Kurdish autonomy, the second one was recognizing the Armenian Genocide. We got united with our people and resisted against the impositions of the imperial powers. We brought the justice and reality to the European Court of Human Rights.

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