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What Has Happened in Turkish Parliament in Last 5 Years?

Here is a quick flashback to the past five years of the AKP government's reign.

Grand National Assembly of Turkey completed the 24th legislative year last Saturday. The parliament has worked for the past five years for the ruling AKP government to reinforce its power mostly illegally. 

The reason for closing the parliament is believed to be the fear of the AKP government that has submitted the MP lists to the Supreme Committee of Elections. The parliament worked for 3751 hours and made 421 laws in the 24th term. 

Turkish People Said Stop to Separation Law

24th term proved itself to be one of the darkest on the first day. The AKP government tried to change the constitution together with its unchangeable laws. 

It introduced the new constitution as the highest authority, by taking the support of the opposition parties. However, it was realized soon that it was a regulation to separate Turkey. Turkish nation saw this first. National Constitution Forums were organized all over Turkey. The commission failed to pass the regulation. 

In 2014, AKP and the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK started to cooperate openly. The government made some promised to the PKK. The parliament passed the new regulation swiftly to bring the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan to the negotiation table. 

On 1 October, 2014, Council of Ministers published a similar regulation in accordance with the promises made to the PKK. 

Weaponry Support to the Government

The greatest Gezi Park protests took place during the 24th legislative year, changing the chemistry of the AKP government. The Homeland Security Package was passed again swiftly, to suppress the protests by force. 

President Tayyip Erdoğan has continued to control the parliament even after he came to the presidency office. The discretionary fund he used in international operations during his time in Prime Ministry was brought to his new office, a few days after which Erdoğan gave the authority to his son Bilal’s suspicious association TÜRGEV to found a university. 

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