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A Plan to Share Oil-Rich Iraqi City of Mosul

It is claimed that the control of Mosul will not be given to the central Iraqi government, but to the peshmergas if ISIS can be dragged out of the town



Mosul operation is about to take place with the trained peshmergas linked to the regional Kurdish government. Five Iraqi troops have been assigned to the operation. Three peshmerga troops will attend the operation as extra forces. Some Sunni tribes are expected to take part in the operation, as well. Forces are waiting for better weather conditions to mobilize, which will probably allow the operation to be started within three weeks. 

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs have turned out to be planning politically as well as militarily. One of these plans is to throw the Shia tribes out of Mosul once it is taken back from ISIL. The AKP government is reportedly in touch with one of the most important Sunni families in Mosul; the Nujaifi family. The issue was discussed between the parties during the visit of Sunni Iraqi Vice President Usame Nuceyfi to Turkey. Ankara wants to reshape the structure in Mosul after ISIS steps out. Sunnis, on the other hand, want to be armed in order to fight against ISIL. Sunnis are trying to convince the Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar Al-Ibadi to get what they want. 

If the Rakka road is cut by the militants, the control of the town will reportedly not given to the central Iraqi government, for the reasons that Shias cannot provide security in the town and Sunnis will not allow Shias to control over the town. Sunni tribe leaders are expected to reach an agreement regarding the issue soon. The security of the town will be provided mutually. Another scenario tells that peshmergas will provide internal security in the town and Sunnis will protect Mosul in the outside. However, critics believe that such a scenario would not work and peshmergas would take over the control of Mosul. This would mean that Kurds will acquire integrity from northern Syria to Mediterranean, which will strengthen the Kurdish corridor in the region. 

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