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AKP's Export of Terrorism Drags Turkey to Lose Territory

Turkey's Syria policy based on hostility against Syrian President Bashar Assad engaged Turkey in terrorism and finally resulted with loss of territory

The ruling AKP's export of terrorism dragged Turkey into trouble. The government finally forced to transfer the Tomb of Suleyman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire which is the only Turkish territory outside of Turkey to another point near the Turkey-Syria border. The AKP government became comrades with the terrorist organizations during the Syrian crisis and finally the unsuccesful foreign policy of the government caused Turkey to lose its territory.

Turkish Intelligence Organization the MİT was revealed to set the coordination between terrorist PKK/PYD and the government during the Shah Firat operation.

AKP's critical role

The AKP played the starring role during the international proxy warfare towards the sovereignty of Syria. The AKP government began to show its hostility against Syria immediately after the beginning of the war. No doubt, Assad's rejection of the AKP's proposal regarding making the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood organization a partner in the administration of Syria was extremely effective on the AKP's hostility. After the international coalition against Syria could not topple Assad peacefully (!) terrorists, mercenaries and recruited sleeping cells in Syria were activated.

Hostility against Assad

Erdogan and Davutoglu duo founded their Syria policy on hatred of Assad. Turkey's southern borders were left to terrorist groups activated against Syrian government. The mercenaries who were previously used in Libya, Afghanistan and Chechnya were transferred to Syria. Their weapons and ammunition were also sent to Syria with Turkish trucks.

Assad hatred made the AKP government friends with terrorist groups and Turkey became the headquarters of terrorist groups such as the FSA, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda and the ISIL.

Export of terrorism

The AKP government became an exporter of terrorism with the operation against Syria. According to the security records, the jihadists were recruited in the bureaus established near to 700 hundred mosques in Turkey. Besides, the jihadists coming from different parts of the world transferred to Syria via Turkey.

Shah Firat operation and the PKK/PYD

The Kurdish seperatist organization PKK and its Syrian branch the PYD desired to turn the Shah Firat operation of the Turkish Army into an opportunity for their regional policy. Kurdish media organs began to make the propaganda that it was a "joint operation" of the Turkish Armed Forces and Kurdish PKK/PYD forces. They disclosed photos showing the posters of the leader of the terrorist PKK organization, and the PKK flags along with the Turkish flag in Eşme village of Syria, 200 meters away from the Turkey border where the tomb of Suleyman Shah and the Turkish post were carried.

Turkish intelligence in action

According to the information of Aydınlık, Turkish National Intelligence Organization the MİT set the coordination between the AKP government and the terrorist PKK/PYD forces. The PYD's head of Kobani Anwar Muslim was hosted in Ankara. He attended meetings in the headquarters of the MİT. Meanwhile, the MİT officers passed to the Syria side of the border and conducted a fieldwork with the PYD terrorists. The MİT also organized the PYD terrorists during the operation.

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