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Barzani Supports HDP for Upcoming Elections

Barzani, the leader of Northern Iraqi government, is reportedly supporting the PKK-linked Kurdish party HDP for the upcoming elections in Turkey.

Deniz Kahraman 

Barzani helps HDP to pass the 10% election threshold at elections on 7 June. He is reportedly running the process by corresponding with the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan. 

Turkish Intelligence Organization used to be the mediator of the process, between Barzani and the ruling AKP government. HDP MPs Sırrı sere Önder and Leyla Zana are now responsible for changing letters between Bargain and Öcalan who is in Imralı Prison. 

Barzani is reportedly calling out to the tribe leaders in the southeastern Anatolia, by sending committees to Turkey to help the campaign of HDP.

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