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Behind the Scene of PKK Attacks Towards Police Stations

As the police station in Mardin was attacked by the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK and YDGH, police abandoned the station. Neither government nor command shared the information with the public


The events which took place in 6-8 Oct. 2014 proved the reality of the “Kurdish Initiative.” It has recently turned out that the police station was occupied by the terrorist organization and only soldiers helped the police to rescue it.

According to the information leaked to the Aydınlık Newspaper, massive clashes occurred in the southern province Mardin. PKK militants who came to Turkey from Ayn Al-Arab provoked the incidents, arming people in Mardin. A police station was targeted by PKK and YDGH. Army helped the police to clear the station. However, this information has not been shared with public so far. Some leaks have reached the Aydınlık Newspaper, though.  

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