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Behind the Scene of Turkish Army's Anti-Terror Operation in Agri Province

Turkish Armed Forces have got a move on the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK before it strikes Ağrı.

Ceyhun Bozkurt
[email protected]

PKK was reportedly getting ready to attack the eastern Turkish province Ağrı. Terrorists brought heavy machine guns to Ağrı days before. The terrorist organization is reportedly taking advantage of the Resolution process run with the ruling AKP government. 

Local sources to Aydınlık Newspaper: “The attack started around 04:00 when the gendarmerie arrived the town. If [terrorists] were not getting ready for days, the clash would have ended within a couple of hours. But, it ended around 18:25. It lasted 14,5 hours. About 10.000 bullets were fired in the scene. They also had heavy machinery. They brought them days before the attack.” 

President Erdoğan told that there were 25 terrorists fighting against the Turkish army. However, sources believe that there must have been more than 50 terrorists considering the duration of the fight. 

PKK’s motives for the attack are said to accuse Turkish Armed Forces for killing civilians to provoke people in the city, and to cause fear among Kurdish people to make them vote for the Kurdish party HDP for the upcoming general elections. 

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