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Behind the Scenes of the Turkish Military Operation in Syria

Aydınlık reached to a striking information regarding the Turkish military operation in Syrian city Aleppo


According to the military sources, the preparations for the operation started two months ago. Turkish Army officials offered the operation to the government and preparations began immediately after the approval of the government. The Prime Ministry officials and the Turkish General Staff specified the date of the operation two weeks ago.

The military sources refusing the claims regarding a possible cooperation between the Kurdish YPG forces and Turkish Army said that the Turkish Armed Forces warned the YPG saying "In case of an attack Turkish Army will provide an equal treatment in return." According to Military sources, Turkey was tried to be dragged into Syria via the Suleyman Shah Post and the operation was conducted against the provocations serving to such kind of an aim.

The Turkish General Staff announced on Sunday that Turkey’s precious relics were transferred to a new location in Syria, over which the Turkish flag is flying, and that no Turkish forces, tanks or equipment were left behind. The Turkish General Staff press office released a statement after relocation the Tomb of Suleyman Shah to a new location and underlined that precious Turkish relics were not left behind.

According to the statement, the Turkish armed forces secured a new area in Syria close to border, hoisted the Turkish flag and promised to protect the exclave. “Due to the security problems and military necessities in Syria, Turkey’s Tomb of Suleyman Shah and Turkey's exclave in Syria were relocated to a border village in Syria, Esmesi, without prejudice to our rights,” the statement said. “The new location where the tomb of Suleyman Shah was relocated is fully controlled by Turkish troops and our Turkish national flag was waved,” it said.

The Turkish General Staff also confirmed that one Turkish soldier lost his life after an accident during the operation.

Turkish territory since 1921

The Suleyman Shah Tomb and the surrounding area, Turkey's only exclave, are located in Aleppo's Manbij district, 37 km away from the Turkish border. Shah has an important place in Turkish history since he was the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

The tomb and its annex, since their construction originally on the hills of Caber Castle, have gone through several processes of demolition, relocation, and reconstruction. The tomb was moved to its current location in 1975 as a consequence of a dam construction.

Suleyman Shah was buried in Turkey's only exclave – after a 1921 agreement with France that ruled Syria at the time – 30 kilometers from Turkey’s southern border with Syria. According to a treaty between Turkey and France in 1921, Turkey has the right to guard the tomb and raise a flag over it.

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