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Controversy Between Turkey and Nato Deepens Over Perception of Risk

Turkish Armed Forces appear to re-evaluate its risk and threat perception apart from the NATO



National Security Council gathered after the operation on the Tomb of Suleyman Shah in Syria, to make a statement regarding the recent developments. For the first time in its history, Turkish Armed Forces has classified its perception of risk and threat towards Turkey, regarding nationalistic approaches apart from the NATO .


National Security Minister İsmet Yılmaz had declared last week that Turkey will buy rockets from China which will not be integrated with the NATO system, upon which Turkish Armed Forces differentiated the threats to Turkish national security as nationalist approach and NATO approach. It was stated in the meeting that: “The current dynamics of Syrian civil war, effects of terrorist organizations in Syria on Turkey, steps that we have taken with international organizations, developments in Syria, the situation that the immigrants in Turkey are in and our help can be observed. The evaluation of risks and threats regarding the national and NATO approaches has been submitted.” 


Critics believe that this statement proves the fact that NATO can be identified as a threat to Turkish national security. Such evaluations require cooperation between civilians and soldiers, which calls for identification of dangers-threats-risks towards Turkey for civilians. 

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