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'Diplomatic door between Ankara and Damascus should be opened'

Senior Syrian bureaucrat Bassam Abu Abdallah speaking to Aydınlık said, "the diplomatic relations between Turkey and Syria must be reestablished for the stabilization of the region and fighting against terrorism in a decisive manner."

Mehmet Kıvanç/DAMASCUS
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Undersecretary of the Syrian Ministry of Information
Bassam Abu Abdallah stated that Ankara and Damascus should set a direct diplomatic channel for conducting a systematic campaign against all terror threats in their region.

"Everyone should understand that if we want to save this region, we should open the diplomatic door between Ankara – Damascus," said Abdallah in a private meeting with Aydınlık correspondent Mehmet Kıvanç in the information ministry building in Damascus.

Abdallah also emphasized that Turkey should re-establish its diplomatic relations with the Syrian government rather than working with the armed groups in Syria.

In this regard Abdallah said, "Governments should directly address each other either on diplomatic and political issues. Government of Syria is the only authority which could provide positive gains to Turkey in the Syria issue."

In relation to the approach of the other states concerning this issue Abdallah said, "The possibility of the actualization of this important step deeply disturbs mainly the Washington administration, extremists and those who plan to federalize the region. It also disturbs some particular states in the region. But in my opinion, this is the only way of generating realistic solutions. This could be the first step of a 1000 miles march. This is a very difficult march and is definitely not easy to walk."

The project to federalize Syria was collapsed

Senior Syrian bureaucrat who pointed out the major shifts in the world political arena said, "Syrian Army's recent victory in Aleppo became a critical milestone in the Syria crisis. Therefore, all parties should review their plans concerning the region."

Abdallah who also noted that the plans regarding the federalization of Syria have clearly failed with the advance of the Syrian Army particularly into Eastern Aleppo reminded that Staffan de Mistura, the United Nations Special Envoy to Syria had suggested a sort of canton model for Aleppo before the terrorists were totally purged from the city.

"De Mistura had suggested some kind of an autonomous local government model for the Eastern Aleppo. However, the victory of Aleppo has halted the partition of Syria and also the plans to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad," Abdallah said.

Syrian people are hopeful about the future

Abdallah who noted that Turkey could not fully understand the threats stemming from the crisis in Syria said, "Using the terrorist organizations as a means of foreign policy should come to an end. The negative effects of Turkey's wrong policies have unfortunately caused serious damages to Syrian society. But we are still hopeful."

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