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Doubts on Murder of Colonel Şahan Focus on Gülenists

Colonel Eser Şahan, one of the key figures of the 28th February memorandum of the Turkish Armed Forces that precipitated the resignation of Islamist prime minister Necmettin Erbakan of the Welfare Party is claimed to be killed by the Gülenist crime network

Colonel Eser Şahin was found dead on a park bench in Romania. The friends of Şahin have held Gülen Gang for murdering Colonel. Müyesser Yıldız, a friend of Şahin, stated: “He was targeted by the Gülen Gang. We were all targeted as a unit. Then, we were all made suspects of 28 Feb trial. Şahin exposed the spies of Gülen Gang in the navy name by name. He knew their imams. The house of his death was not declared. Not any other details.

They may have wanted to give the message of revenge for 28 Feb. The court has accelerated the trial as if to finish it before the elections. Şahin would come to Turkey to testify at some point. The trial cannot be finished without his testimony. But, now that he is dead, it is not possible.”

Şahin was reported to be the Intelligence Department Head at the time of 28 Feb trial.

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