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Erdoğan: You cannot Leave the MİT Without Closing Files

Erdoğan has reportedly objected against the parliamentary candidateship of former Intelligence head Hakan Fidan without closing the files at MİT (Turkish National Intelligence Organization)

MİT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan had resigned from his duties in order to run to be an MP. However, it has turned out that President Erdoğan objected the candidateship of Fidan who is considered to be the black box of the AKP government and Erdoğan. Critics believe that the reason behind Erdoğan’s objection was a series of illegalities during the operation on the Tomb of Suleyman Shah in Syria. “If you look at the history of MİT, you understand the situation better. It is boiling inside. There are polarizations. Every one is after each other. A lot of people is aware of the facts since they cannot act individually. In such organizations, intelligence units run around. MİT has dirtied its hands so much. This will be brought before justice sooner or later. Erdoğan is aware of what might happen to him. He got angry at Fidan, thinking he was escaping from all this in a hurry.” some critics claim.

Fidan is believed to be linked to Gülen Gang, which is reportedly what worries Erdoğan about leaking such illegalities. He is claimed to have told Fidan that he cannot leave before closing some confidential files. 

An anonymous source told Aydınlık Newspaper: “Fidan did a risky thing. He identified himself with Erdoğan in a way. But, new plans are on the agenda. Fidan was promised without Erdoğan’s knowledge. Erdoğan also said it himself. His real worry is something else, though. What he was promised in exchange of this. Erdoğan knows which cases are left open. Now, Fidan has just been reassigned back to the MİT, illegally. The meaning here is clear: Go, close the cases and do not cause trouble for us.” 

How Fidan was convinced into going back to the MİT remains as a mystery, though. It is claimed that Fidan keeps some secrets that he is supposed to take to the grave. By resigning, he finished himself in the eyes of Erdoğan who is believed to finish him at the earliest.

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