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Hand in hand with PKK and Gulen...

The Patriotic Party Chairman Dogu Perincek analyzes the current political confrontation in Turkey through the approaches of certain parties towards the arrest of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) leaders.

The approaches towards the arrest of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) leaders reflects the political confrontation in Turkey.

The CHP administrations' solidarity with the HDP

The Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is leading this solidarity campaign. He used to support the Gladio operations under the slogan, “coup-plotters must be put on trial” at the time the commanders of the Turkish Army and the Patriotic Party administrators were being jailed in Ergenekon and Balyoz schemes. He was at the same front with the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and the PKK; he still stands at the same front. The statement made by the CHP spokeswoman Selin Sayek Böke after the extraordinary session of the CHP Central Executive Board was echoed by a certain part of the CHP MPs. The CHP administrators called for forming a “united struggle front against fascism”. Kılıçdaroğlu describes the CHP's collaboration with the enemy powers such as the HDP as a “Democracy Front”.

The third partner of the front

The third partner of the front which is formed by the CHP is almost immediately manifested itself. The representatives of Fethullah Gülen such as Ekrem Dumanlı, Tuncay Opçin, Bülent Keneş, Mahir Zeynelov and Tarık Toros took their place in that so-called front “against fascism” immediately. They uttered in their statement that the founding fathers of the AKP are also in this front along with the HDP, CHP and FETO. These FETO guys declare that HDP is the “representative of Kurds and the national will” of Turkey.

The fourth partner

The relevant front's Abdullah Gül-Ahmet Davutoğlu wing also announced their message of solidarity with the HDP via one of the AKP's founding leaders Mehmet Ali Şahin.

In fact, some of the CHP and HDP MPs had previously formed the “Unity Initiative for Democracy”. Now we see that the relevant front also embraces FETO and the Gül-Davutoğlu clique in the AKP.

U.S. controlled anti-fascist heroes

The CHP administration, PKK and its political wing, the HDP, FETO and the ruling AKP's Gül-Davutoğlu clique pretend to “unite against fascism”.

They're backed by the U.S. imperialism. Take a look at the U.S. newspapers, they echo the same discourse everyday. They continuously call out that Turkey becomes a fascist dictatorship. Because Turkey is waging a patriotic war against the U.S. imperialism.

First of all, we need to pay attention to the following fact: Today, a fascist regime can only be established in cooperation with the U.S.

Fascism is the dictatorship of the most racist, chauvinist, bigoted and aggressive elements of the imperialism. At the past, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were the axis of fascism but today the U.S imperialism took their place.

Those who lost the chance of applauding fascism

Turkey experienced a fascist dictatorship initiative at the night of 15 July. Those who lost the chance of applauding FETO fascism that morning are now forming a “war front against fascism”.

Thus, humanity has become acquainted with the U.S. controlled warriors of the so-called “fight against fascism”.

Yes, they would applaud fascism. They had already begun applauding fascism at the night of the coup d'état. They read the statements of the FETO coup. They drunk teas and coffees with the coup plotters of the FETO in the VIP lounge of the Yesilkoy Airport. They saluted the FETO tanks. Because the coup was aiming to overthrow Tayyip Erdoğan.

The last exit before the abyss

Everyone knows that the HDP/PKK and FETO are fighting against Turkey in control of the U.S. However, now the CHP administration and the friends of FETO within the AKP have also tended towards a frontal unity with them. We hope Kılıçdaroğlu, Abdullah Gül and Ahmet Davutoğlu would turn back that way. Because their front is against the Republic and unity of the country.

If there's a fascism threat in Turkey, the related threat must be coming from the FETO-PKK alliance backed by the U.S.

Non-national will

Those who position themselves within the same front with the PKK and FETO, screen their sneaky initiative with “Erdoğan hostility”, “democracy” and even the “national will” discourses.

Those who establish a front with the PKK and FETO strengthen Tayyip Erdoğan. Because they leave the struggle of unity and integrity of the nation to the AKP. Thus, they lose in their bet on putting an end to the power of Erdoğan forever. It becomes visible once again that only a political movement with a sincere national stance can constitute as an alternative for the ruling AKP. The Patriotic Party is doing this.

Pretending to be a democrat while carrying out a collaboration with the PKK and FETO is really weird. In fact, democracy can only be built through destroying the PKK and FETO.

Moreover, considering the HDP/PKK as the “representative of the national will” has no meaning apart from treason. The HDP MPs are neither the representatives of the Kurdish people nor can be considered in the context of the national will concept. The HDP MPs are the representatives of the PKK of which fights under the American flag.

Quo vadis CHP?

The question, “Where is the CHP headed” is not only question of the CHP's patriotic members but also the Turkish nation itself.

The CHP administrators of whom adopted a strategic solidarity with the PKK and FETO are passing through a historical process which Turkish nation will never forgive. There is only one hope for them now: The U.S. soldiers to capture Ankara. This is also a dream more than a hope. And what is worse is that the CHP elements who claim to be in opposition against the current administration of the CHP do not have any stance against the CHP's solidarity with the PKK.

How did the CHP administration come to this point?

They first took the power inside the CHP with a video-tape blackmail produced by the FETO in the context of a U.S. project. Then they considered Tayyip Erdoğan as their main nemesis by taking a role in the U.S. imperialism's plans. As a natural result of their political positioning, they interpreted the patriotic war as the ‘Palace’s war’. They finally ended up in collaboration with the PKK and FETO.

If you consider Tayyip Erdoğan who is facing the U.S. imperialism as your main nemesis rather than the U.S. imperialism itself, there's no other point you can reach.

Turkish Front

Yes, there is a united front against fascism.

That front is the Turkish Front.

Fascism is not the front of those who fight for the country but the front of the imperialists and their collaborators who wage a fight against the oppressed world.

Fascism does not stand with Turkey, but against Turkey.

Those who stand with Turkey in Euphrates Shield and the fight against PKK and FETO are on the Turkish front against fascism.

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