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Investigation Reveals the Conspiracy in Uludere Airstrike

Testimony of Colonel Aygün Eker, the Head of Intelligence Department of the 2nd Army Command revealed the predator conspiracy in the Uludere airstrike where 34 local smugglers were bombed to death by Turkish F16 jets on 28 December 2011, near the Turkish–Iraqi border

 Striking information regarding Uludere incident emerged through the testimony of Colonel Aygün Eker, the Head of Intelligence Department of the 2nd Army Command at the period of Uludere Strike.

Eker, bearing his testimony to the military prosecutor regarding the Uludere incident in 23 December 2013 said that despite his submissions regarding that the group may consist of smugglers possibly having military equipments belong to the PKK terrorist organization, the General Staff decided for an airstrike due to "accurate information".

Kemal Göktaş from Milliyet Newspaper reached to the full text of Colonel Eker's testimony regarding Uludere incident.

According to the testimony, Colonel Eker stated that he watched the images taken by the unmanned aerial vehicle in the Image Monitoring Centre (GİM) with Colonel Eker stated that Lieutenant Colonel Taner Dündar, Operations Chief of Staff Brigadier Halil Erkek in 28 December 2011. Eker stated that he considered the group in the images as a group of smugglers at first glance. Eker also stated that he thought this can be an activity at the information of the PKK and the group may involve smugglers carrying military equipments of the PKK while the area is known to be controlled by the terrorist organization. Eker also said that they have suggested Army Commander to arrest the smuggler group following their passing from Iraq into Turkey.

Secret intelligence comes to the General Staff

Eker said the following regarding the developments after the Army Command 's decision for an airstrike:

"The Operations Chief of Staff was invited to the headquarters after the decision of the Army Command regarding the airstrike. Because there was a contradiction between the submissions of the Army Command and the Image Monitoring Centre controlled by us. We thought that there is a secret information obtained by the Army Command."

"General Servet Yörük, the Army Command came to the Image Monitoring Centre at 21:30 and I presented my submissions to him. I also stated that grave consequences may arise in case of wrong decisions are taken. He told me that the airstrike was planned by the General Staff and they do not give such a decision if they do not have an accurate information."

Turkish Armed Forces may have been baited in Uludere

German newspaper Der Spiegel had reported in 03 September 2014 that the information which led the Turkish Armed Forces to bomb a village in eastern Turkey was passed by US predator drones.

According to Der Spiegel, the details regarding the killings in Uludere on the 28 December 2011 during an airstrike by the Turkish Armed Forces have appeared in a leaked documents of the NSA.

It has come to light that the USA gave the information in question to Turkey at before the incident. The phone belonging to one of the PKK leaders named Fehma Hüseyin gave a signal among the convoy, but many have asked how. Military experts believe that Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) was trapped through the false signals of Hüseyin.

According to German daily newspaper Der Spiegel, the US Intelligence Agency NSA has spied on Turkey for a long time and more importantly, the information about PKK militants allegedly crossing the border was passed to Turkish army by the US predator drone.

“The signals of Hüseyin’s phone might have come from the USA. If true, it is official that Turkish Armed Forces were baited by the USA” an anonymous commander who worked in the region for years stated.  

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