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“Taliban Attack towards Turkish Convoy in Afghanistan is a US Conspiracy”

Retired Colonel Haydar Ateş, the former commander of the Turkish troops in Afghanistan says "the USA used its subcontractors inside Taliban to hit Turkey. Their ultimate goal is to drag Turkey into a war."

Mustafa KAYA

For the first time, Taliban targeted Turkish military in Afghanistan. One Turkish soldier was killed after a suicide bomber driving a car packed with explosives hit a Turkish military vehicle in Afghan capital Kabul. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed the attack but stated that their target was not Turkish soldiers.

The timing and the structure of the attack implies very serious questions. The attack was conducted at the time of the complete withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan and the US began to insist Turkey to take part in the combat missions in the war-torn country. It’s very obvious that the US which incites Turkey to play an active military role against the ISIL in Iraq and Syria conducts a covert operation against Turkey in Afghanistan through Taliban.

Retired Colonel Haydar Ateş, the former commander of the Turkish troops in Afghanistan who has a significant strategic information regarding the region presented the answers of all of the questions in detail.

Ateş was the first commander of the Turkish troops in Afghanistan in 2006. He also served as the commander of the NATO ISAF Command led by Turkey, France and Italy in Kabul. Ateş's lastly served as the President of the Turkish Representative Council in Afghanistan. 

Ateş personally experienced how the US forces tried to turn Afghanistan into a blood bath and drag Turkey into this disaster during his working period in Afghanistan.

A group inside Taliban serves to the US

Taliban consist of two different structures in one body. One of these structures serves to the US. This attack might be planned against the US but probably the US cells inside Taliban were informed about the attack and directed the action towards the Turkish convoy. 

The US aims to kill two birds with one stone

Their primary aim is to drag Turkey to an armed conflict with Taliban through such kind of provocations and secondary aim is to provoke Afghan people against Turkish people. I do not think an Afghan would attack to a vehicle carrying a Turkish flag.

The US aims to make Turkish Soldier a target of Taliban

In the process that I served as a commander in Afghanistan I often received persistent offers from the US Army for the US military personnel to wear Turkish uniform and conduct 'field reconnaissance' activities with Turkish military vehicles. 

For instance, the British Command had offered British troops to wear Turkish uniforms and using watch-towers in the Turkish Dogan Camp. I rejected the proposal of the British command by thinking that it might aim to make a provocation towards Afghan people under Turkish uniforms and this would cause a difficult situation for Turkish troops in the region. I thought that they could have a secret purpose such as randomly shooting around from the watch-towers in the Turkish military camp and this could create a great anger and hostility against Turkey in the eyes of Afghan people. I even banned the US Special Forces and the staff of the so-called US security company Black Water to conduct operations and walking around on foot.

In this process, I was subjected to a number of negative effects because of my attitude. I even tried to protect our national interests and reputation by sending a diplomatic note to the US Embassy in Afghanistan.

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