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The Kemalist siege against pro-American bigotry

Atatürk is the greatest reality of Turkey. Atatürk is as real as the country, republic and modern society. The Turkish Revolution lies in the foundation of all of these facts. In this regard, Turkey is the stronghold of Atatürk.

Atatürk is the greatest reality of Turkey. Atatürk is as real as the country, republic and modern society. The Turkish Revolution lies in the foundation of all of these facts. In this regard, Turkey is the stronghold of Atatürk.

Atatürk is a world reality as well. The world had polarized into two major blocks of power at the time of imperialist era. Atatürk has a special place among the revolutionary leaders fighting for the oppressed nations. In this regard, Atatürk is a revolutionary stronghold across the world.

Atatürk still prevails. Turkey is still walking and taking a tough stance with him. Turkey is still fighting thanks to the encouragement of him. Because Atatürk is tested. Atatürk represents the wars which brought victory. He also left us the program of the wars to be won. We are still at the phase of the National Democratic Revolution. Turkey has just entered to the process of completing the Atatürk Revolution. Atatürk is not only stays at our past, he's also in our future.

We are looking at the problems which Turkey is now experiencing. Atatürk is the solution of all. That's why no one can rule Turkey by defying Atatürk's principles. In this respect, Atatürk is the polestar for those who aim to rule Turkey and who stay in the reign. Those who are astonished in the dark find their direction by looking at Atatürk.

For that reason, those who will govern Turkey must learn or discover the route of Atatürk. There's an old governmental rhetoric in our region: 'crown makes the ruler behaving sensibly'. Whoever is crowned as the ruler of Turkish Republic, he shall discover Atatürk. Because there's no possibility of ruling Turkey without him.


Some of the prominent advisers from Russian President Vladimir Putin's headquarters in Moscow were the guests of the Patriotic Party (Turkey) on 7-8 November. We had a two days of talks with Ret. General Mikhail Nikolaevich, and his assistant Alexei Badikov.

On the evening of November 8th, Friday, we also had a long meeting with Oleg Lebedev and Andrei Kharchenko from Vladimir Putin's United Russia party and Aleksandr Dugin, one of the most prominent figures in Putin's headquarters who came to our country at the invitation of the Turkish government.

Their main message was that it is necessary for the peace in the world and the region that there must be a government which follows the route of Atatürk in Turkey.

We observed the same approach during the talks we held in China, Syria, Iran, Egypt, and Algeria in the last two years. Atatürk is not only indispensable for Turkey but also for our neighbors and particularly Asia. There are some major concrete reasons which lie under this vital necessity:

First of all Atatürk means independence. The developing oppressed world wants Turkey to be strong and stand tough. Secondly, Atatürk represents a contemporaneity that does not give way to any sort of bigotry. Today, the religious, ethnic and sectarian bigotry is the main source of the U.S. backed terrorist organizations. The Asian countries carry out armed struggle against these reactionary terrorist organizations in their continent, countries and regions and they want a determined Turkey against these terrorist organizations. They describe their wish as 'Atatürk's Turkey'.


The western European countries particulary Germany have also begun to understand that Atatürk is also necessary for them. German Interior Minister Thomaz de Maiziere told us what his French counterpart Bernarde Cazeneuve told him several months ago. "Germany was lucky because the vast majority of foreigners in the country were people of Atatürk's country." German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier also stressed the importance of Turkey's two-century revolutionary march in terms of Germany. According to German Interior and Foreign ministers, Atatürk was also a guarantee for Germany against reactionary threat.

The opposite shore of the Atlantic is watching the reality of 'Re-awakening Turkey' with a serious concern. The greatest fear of the United States is President Erdoğan to form an alliance with Kemalists, the Turkish Armed Forces and particularly the Patriotic Party. The US newspapers cover news and provocative stories in that direction every single day.


In these circumstances, as our friend Levent Kırca says, 'Turkey should stay in Atatürk's front' against the second Israel plans and the threats coming from the Atlantic system . Atatürk is not only unifies the Turkish nation but also Turkey with its real allies.

We have the Turkish Nation reality which never gives a passage to the medieval domination. But the bigotry is also sieged by Turkey's new allies in the 21st century.

For this reason, Atatürk is Turkey's strategic obligation.

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