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The Syrian Mission of American Predators is Illegal

It remains as a mystery why the American predator named IHA, shot down by the Syrian army, was in the Syrian airspace.


The Syrian army announced that an American predator was shot down the other night. It had taken off the İncirlik military base in Turkey. Why this predator in Syria? Because, the existence of the 4 American predators was said to be for the PKK in northern Iraq. 
Turkish military sources confirmed the fact that the American drone took off from İncirlik. Turkish National Defense Ministry, General Staff and Foreign Affairs Ministry had announced before the incident that American predators were in İncirlik due to the fight against terrorism in northern Iraq. 
American drones were placed in İncirlik in 2011, during the US withdrawing from Iraq. It was stated that the take-offs and landings of the American drones were subjected to information of Turkish military officers. Plus, the images recorded by the drones were to be supervised by Turkish officers. 
Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Foreign Affairs Minister at the time, claimed that the activities of the four drones were within the knowledge of Turkey. General Straff confirmed on 29 March, 2013 that the Turkish army directed the activities of the drones, which were supposed to be in İncirlik military base for fighting against terrorism in Iraq, and the flights of the drones were weapon free. 
Another astonishing detail is that Turkish media reported on 4 November 2011 that the drones had arrived in İncirlik in October 2011. 
The following questions must be asked to the National Security Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry:
- Are the American drones assigned to collect data in Syria? If yes, on which regulation is this assignment based on?
-  According to the official statements on İncirlik, was another note was signed for the drones, which were supposed to work against terrorism in Iraq, to work on Syria?
- Which order of the government allow this regulation that has made Turkey and Syria enemies? 

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