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The Third Partner in Erdoğan and Putin's Aleppo Deal

Doğu Perinçek

Historical steps are being taken in rapid succession.

Turkish Stream deal had a great impact on geopolitical balances. The Western media also covered it this way. Theirs was the best way to interpret it.

Then, Putin and Erdoğan agreed on Aleppo case. You read it on the first page of Aydınlık yesterday.

'Aleppo deal' is neither a gossip nor a sourceless news of an ordinary newspaper. President Erdoğan himself announced the agreement while speaking to mukhtars (village/neighborhood leaders) in Ankara. Turkey is supporting the joint operation of Syria and Russia to extract Al-Nusra from Aleppo. Besides, Erdoğan also announced the post-war plan related to this agreement and said, "We will erect Aleppo once again together after the clashes end. "

Cooperation with Syria

As you can see, Aleppo deal includes Syrian government as well. Turkey is conducting a joint operation with Russia and Syria. Moreover, Turkey is taking steps towards establishing cooperation with Syria also in the post-war plans. This is a development we have been expecting. Because, Turkish Armed Forces, which entered into the Kurdish Corridor also moved towards cooperating with Syria.Strategic cooperation between Turkey and Russia is bearing its fruits in the Western Asia.

Delegation to Damascus

While President Erdoğan was declaring the Aleppo deal, the Patriotic Party delegation had arrived at Damascus accompanied by a cadre determined by the ruling AKP party. The scheduled roadmap which was approved by the Syrian government during the visit of our delegation headed by the Patriotic Party Deputy Chairman Yunus Soner in Damascus between 4th and 7th of October is currently being implemented. The strategic cooperation between Turkey and Syria is underway in the aftermath of the strategic cooperation with Turkey and Russia. Erdoğan's declaration of the Aleppo deal should be considered as a good news. Turkey's way is being cleared

Masked guards of the American corridor

This has been debated for years... There were masked guards of the American corridor plan even among the authors of Aydınlık. They opposed Turkish Armed Forces' intervention towards the 'terror corridor' which is called the 'Kurdish corridor' in Northern Syria. They tried to show the operation as a product of the Turkish-American cooperation at all phases. They could not see the course of operation, they were not capable of doing so. They put the deal with Syria before the operation. This could be because of a lack of vision, but what they ended up doing was to show solidarity with PKK/PYD.

We always warned them that intervention of Turkish Armed Forces' to the American corridor would have inevitably brought cooperation with Syria and today it did.

Turkey is now strong in Mosul. Because there is only a single front extending from Mosul to the Eastern Mediterranean. As Turkey advances deeper into this front, it gets together with its friends and builds the international alliance in the struggle of territorial integrity.

The masks of the guards of the American corridor were slipped. The operation 'Euphrates Shield' has achieved its goal. The brotherhood of Turkey and Syria is once again on the agenda. This good news should warn and educate everyone at the same time. We should also show the source of this incorrect attitude. We may then protect our well-intentioned people from acting as a guard of the US plans.

Blinding strategy

The problem is at the strategic ground. If you set wrong goals, position yourself in the wrong place and turn your back to the enemy then you hit the targets shown by the enemy itself. Those who interpreted the patriotic war as the ‘Palace’s war’ falled into the trap of the enemy. Those who consider Tayyip Erdoğan as the main enemy and not the US imperialism are losing their sight. Rather than seeking the truth in facts, they stick to deflecting the facts with hostility against Erdoğan.

Lasting hopes

Turkey has been in a new process since July 24, 2015: Turkey is fighting against the US pawns primarily within the country and then beyond the southern borders of the country. You can understand and explain the facts only if you position yourself in the actual war zone. What’s more, you can thereby join the patriotic war and save yourself from being a guard of the US. Loyalty to the truth and the country are indispensable virtues of the virtuous people.

We did not give up our hopes. Because we are at the front of the Patriotic War and we are trying to prompt everyone to take a part in this war.

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