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Turkey Left Lonely in the Middle East

Şahin Mengü

From the day the republic was established to the day when the AKP came into power, Turkey adopted the attitude of staying objective, not interfering to the issues concerning the Arab world and not following religious/sectarian politics. 
Those who implemented this foreign politics knew that the Arab world has really nationalistic feelings. It has been experienced in the past that religious/sectarian views comes second after the Arab nationalism. 
Iran fought against Iraqi Shia Arabs in Iraqi war. When we observe it country by country, we will see how the AKP government caused the alienation of Turkey in the region. 
Libya: The only Arabic country which supported Turkey during the Cyprus Peace Operation. There are two government in Libya right now. The one in Tobruk is recognized by international community. The other one is an illicit government that seized Tripoli in July, 2014, supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and the AKP government. Prime Minister of the Tobruk government Abdullah Al-Thini state last week: “Turkey arms groups in Tripoli for Libyan to kill Libyan” announcing that they will cut all relationships with Turkey soon, including business and Turkish construction companies practiced business first in Libya. 
Israel: An Israeli newspaper reported that Hamas militants who attack Israel are trained in Istanbul before the eyes of Turkish officials. 
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood leaders, who were even sacked by Qatar are in Istanbul. Plus, the organization transmits from Istanbul to overthrow the Egyptian government. 
Syria/Iraq: The AKP supports the terrorist groups both militarily and logistically to overthrow Assad. All the help from the AKP going to the ISIS still goes on. 
Iran: It criticizes Turkey for supporting terrorist groups in Syria for prolonging the civil war and conducting an operation on Salesman Shah Tomb, which is considered by Iran to be an intervention to the Syrian territorial integrity. 
Saudi Arabia: It looks almost impossible for the relationship between the two countries to get any softer, considering the fact that the aKP government continues to support the Muslim Brotherhood. 
Yunus: Al-Nahda, the party of the Muslim Brotherhood supported by the AKP government, has lost the elections which have no threshold. Nida Party stablished the government and Nahda took part in the coalition. 
To sum up, the foreign politics of the AKP government has made all our neighbors enemy to Turkey. Instead of changing its attitude, the AKP government is trying to fool people with the concept of valuable loneliness. This false policy is causing alienation of Turkey and making our country a state which supports terrorism. The AKP government must reevaluate its policy of interfering with the clashes among the Arabic countries. 

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