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“Turkey Will Be Made the Center of Operations”

Deputy Vice President of the Patriotic Party İsmail Hakkı Pekin warned the AKP government about the the operation on the Tomb of Suleyman Shah and asked for an agreement with Syrian President Bashar Assad

Former Lieutenant General and Vice President of the Patriotic Party İsmail Hakkı Pekin has warned that the pressure on Turkey by the US and West will increase after the move of the Tomb of Suleyman Shah. They will turn Turkey into a base for operations, pushing Turkey to have an agreement with PKK and PYD.

They May Ask for a Base in Turkey”

Pekin claimed that the US and West will impose new roles for Turkey, listing their expectations from Turkey as following:

    1. Turkish Armed Forces may be asked to help in military operations.

2. Turkey can be a base for the train-equip program on Syrian opposition militants.

3. During an operation, drones can be put into action just like on the border of Afghanistan-Pakistan. The base for drones will be Turkey.

4.The bases of the air forces can be asked to use.

    5. The US and West can push Turkey into an agreement with PKK-PYD, postponing the plan of disarming PKK.

    6. The Syrian side of the border can be put into charge of YPG, which is a part of separating Syria to create a Kurdish state in north. Turkey would be helping to create a Kurdish corridor.

Turkey is Being Drawn into Syrian Civil War

Pekin emphasized the fact that the AKP government has been adopting false politics about Syria, yet they cannot be continued. Current Syrain politics draw Turkey into the Syrian Civil War. “The operation of the Tomb of Suelyman Shah and Saygı Police Station are the result of these false politics. If you determine your strategy wrong, your store will be crooked. You cannot make up for it with extra manoeuvre and tactics. The more you try, the worse you fail. Turkey is in this state now.” he stated.

Cooperation with Assad

Pekin went on to say: “The government should change its politics regarding Syria and Assad, get in touch with Assad administration and help to stop the civil war over there. As long as they insist on their politics, the developments which might occur in our border can threat Turkey. It is possible to see this threat even now.”

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