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Two Photographs

The Patriotic Party (Turkey) Chairman Doğu Perinçek analyzes the current political confrontation in Turkey through two photographs which were taken in the Turkish Grand National Assembly in November 9, 2016

by Doğu Perinçek

There were two photos in the newspapers on November 9, 2016.

Both were taken in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

In the first photo, some of the diplomats of the Atlantic states are sitting on the terrorist PKK's political wing Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) seats in the Turkish Parliament. And we could hear the clamors: "Kurdistan will be the grave of fascism"... Everyone knows that what they call "fascism" is Turkish Army and Turkish Police.

In the other picture, we see Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım next to Aleksander Dugin, one of the prominent figures from Russian President Vladimir Putin's close circle.

Turkey-oriented international confrontation

These two photos actually reflect Turkey's current international position.

The Atlantic forces led by the USA are always behind subversive and separatist terrorist activities.

Speaking of Russia; it always stands next to Turkey. Not only Russia, actually all of the Eurasian countries.

The Atlantic forces supporting the terrorist PKK has already begun to dissolve. Even the power elites in the U.S. signal an unprecedented dissidence while they're making such a great effort to dissolve the Turkish Republic.

Atlantic legitimation for seperatist terrorism

Last week, a Belgium court announced that they do not recognize the PKK as a terrorist organization. In their perspective, the PKK is an organization carrying out an 'armed struggle' This armed organization which is -- in their opinion -- not a terrorist organization will be rewarded as an organization carrying out a 'War of Independence' in the near future. This is an important case.

It is obvious that Belgium is not in the position to take such a stance. There's Obama-Clinton clique behind this step. It is a separate question whether Trump will allow this policy. However, everyone know that political elites in the U.S aim to establish Kurdistan in other words, the second Israel.

Potential of Eurasia for the unity of Turkey

The life has introduced the Eurasia reality to those who rule Turkey.

Turkey will of course fight against the Atlantic threats through its own means. However, Turkey has the opportunity to form an alliance with the Eurasia.

On one hand, Turkey unites with its friends.

On the other hand, Turkey's enemies are in a process of dissolution.

Those who stand next to Turkey's unity, becomes a friends of Turkey.

Those who want to destroy, gets destroyed.

This photos explain us that those who dream of seperating Turkey will continue to get destroyed.

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