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US Ambassador’s Message to HDP on Kurdish Initiative

US Ambassador Bass’ message to pro-Kurdish HDP reveals an important truth. Two basic programs will be fighting on 7 June: Resolution program and Union program.

Mehmet Ali Güller

The US Ambassador John Bass and Adana Consulat John Espinoza went to Diyarbakır on 8-10 March. Aydınlık Newspaper reported the secret and unplanned visit, emphasizing the operation of making HDP pass the election threshold. 

Yeni Şafak Representative Abdülkadir Selvi wrote that he had reached some special notes on the visit. According to the information Selci received, Bass gave three messages to HDP in Diyarbakır:

Giving hope brings you votes, not fear and threats. 

Resolution Process must continue. The US supports this.

Turkey’s image of not getting involved in clashes must be protected. 

The US Actual Aim is Kurdish Initiative

Bass’ three messages complete each other, pointing out the US’ actual aim on 7 June:

Bass’ message reveals an important truth. Two basic programs will be fighting on 7 June: Resolution program and Union program.

7 June is critical in term of the continuation of the Kurdish Resolution process supported by the US. 

Ignore Erdoğan who said that there is no Kurdish Problem, and Demirtaş who said: “We will not make Erdoğan President.” Both of them are untrue and merely tactical.

Erdoğan has to address nationalist votes whereas Demirtaş has to pass the election threshold.

Plan B: President with a Party

The agreement is clear: PKK’s using arms in the region, the establishment of an autonomy, new constitution and change of regime. 

For this, both statements do not reflect the reality. Congressional system is not that easy. The possibility of AKP’s failing to reach the targeted seat number in the parliament and the inner balances in the party has pushed Erdoğan to a new target: A president with a party. 

Even though he has not declared giving up on presidency yet, he is trying to be a president with a party after 7 June. 

Erdoğan’s Speciality to Adjust to the US

A controlled cjaos is going on right now due to this picture to let Gladio creates a perception of Erdoğan equals to persistency. Erdoğan is the best option for the US purposes in the region for three reasons: 

There is still a powerful force Erdoğan believes in.

Erdoğan is the best option to run the Kurdish Resolution process.

Erdoğan is again the best option for the US’ purposes in the Middle East.

To sum up, he is the best option both in and outside the country.

Two Programs Clash

Therefore, Resolution and Union programs clash in the country, and enemy to the neighbors and regional union clash outside the country. 

AKP and HDP are the main actors of Resolution and enemy to the neighbors. CHP and MHP are not taking part directly, but close to one separately. 

Well, who defends the unity and regional union? The Patriotic Party.

This truth is above all the election threshold concerns!

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