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'Western intelligence organizations are behind the terrorist attacks in Istanbul'

Ret. General İsmail Hakkı Pekin, the former head of the Turkish Armed Forces' Military Intelligence considering the recent terrorist attacks in Istanbul as a 'covert operation' of the Western intelligence organizations said, "It does not make any difference for us whether the ISIS or PKK did it as both of them are controlled by the Western intelligence organizations."

Former intelligence veteran Pekin who stated that the terrorist actions of the PKK have considerably increased due to the Turkish military operations started on July 24, 2015 said,

"After the Kurdish initiative process which was conducted by the PKK and the ruling AKP came to an end, the Turkish Army launced an extensive operation against the PKK. At that time, the PKK received a heavy blow and this situation caused panic in the US and EU circles. PKK's terrorist actions have considerably increased after the Turkish military operations started on July 24."

'Terrorist attacks increased as political pressure did not work'

In terms of the relationship between the Western countries and terrorist organizations in the region Pekin said,

"They sometimes use PKK and sometimes ISIS or any other terrorist organization. However, all of them work to achieve the same goal. It is clear that the US and EU are again forcing Turkey to resume the negotiations with the PKK."

Pekin who also stated that the US and EU threaten Turkey in particular ways to impose their agenda said,

"First of all, they claim that the country's Southeast is turned into a bloodbath. Secondly, they propagate that there is a danger of a civil war in Turkey. Thirdly, they spread misleading information such as the western provinces may face instability and by this way, the public order can be affected in ways such as incitement to violence or tendency to violence. They also threaten Turkey with the emergence of an economic chaos. These warnings should seriously be considered as a threat. They are trying to pressure Turkey to prepare a new constitution and provide autonomy to the Southeast region. Terrorist attacks have increased in Turkey as the political pressure did not work."

'International intelligence organizations involved in these attacks'

Pekin who reminded that a large number of terrorist attacks where hundreds of people have lost their lives hit Turkey's different cities in the last couple of months said,

"it's not exaggeration to say the international intelligence organizations have involved in these attacks."

Pekin who also pointed out that these sort of attacks are described as the 'covert operations' in the intelligence literature said,

"Intelligence organization such as CIA and MOSSAD have organized similar attacks in many countries of the world throughout the years. Even if some terrorist groups claim responsibility for these attacks, everyone clearly knows that the real perpetrators are these intelligence organizations. It is possible to consider many bombed attacks in Turkey as 'covert operations.'"

10 targets of terrorism in Turkey

Pekin listed the target of the recent terrorist attacks attacks as follows:

- Forcing Turkey to return back to the negotiation table with the terrorist PKK

- Stopping the operation Euphrates Shield and thus ensuring the continuity of the US-Israel backed 'Kurdish Corridor' plan in Northern Iraq and Northern Syria.

- Preventing the operations aiming at the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and forcing Turkey to release the coup plotters

- Disrupting Turkey's relations with Russia, China and Iran

- Forcing Turkey to make concessions on its Cyprus policy; ending the guarantee of Turkey and removing Turkish Army from the Island

- The fulfillment of the European demands on refugees

- Allowing the existence of a permanent NATO force in the Black Sea

- Preventing Turkey's involvement in Mosul operation

- Abandonment of Turkey's membership process in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

- Preventing trade with local currencies

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