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A game changing agreement across the globe

In the light of the Moscow declaration; Turkey, Russia and Iran are opening a new path to change the game not only in Syria but also across the globe

Fikret Akfırat

The three major powers of the Eurasia; Turkey, Russia and Iran are joining their forces with the declaration signed in Moscow to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries in the region and purge seperatist and jihadist terrorists. The declaration essentially aims struggling against the subversive US policies which aim to redesign the borders of the countries in the region.

Turkey, Russia and Iran's joint declaration on Syria which was signed in the Russian capital Moscow on December 20 is a decisive initial step in the context of the power struggle not just in Syria, but across the world. It's also the main reason for Turkey to change its foreign policy orientation in the operation to destroy and fragment the Syrian state, which has been going on for 5 and a half years.

Resolving the crisis in favor of the region

Turkey, which has been used as the main headquarters of the Operation Syria for years has recognized Bashar al-Assad administration in Syria as a sovereign state along with the other two countries with its signature under the Moscow Declaration. This development corresponds as a second victory for the regional front after the victory in Aleppo and opening a new path for resolving the crisis in favor of the region.

Fronts are being formed

The Moscow declaration firmly indicates that the balance of power in the global confrontation has considerably changed since the start of the Syria operation. Turkey as an old ally of the West and the US is now taking a strong stance next to the Eurasian front headed by mainly Russia, Iran and China. It is clear that the fourth partner in the table in Moscow is Syria. The next step of the reconciliation process between Turkey and Syria which started with the July 15 coup attempt and became concrete with the Operation Euphrates Shield will absolutely be the formalization of the talks between the two countries, which are currently being carried out in an informal way.

End of the terrorist organizations

This new path which is determined by the three strong nations of the region is the only way to defeat the chaos strategy applied by the US and its allies. This new form of alliance paves the way to eliminate terrorist organizations such as the PKK, ISIS and al-Nusra which are being used by some particular states as a means to redesign the borders of the countries in the region particularly in Syria and Turkey. As a result, a major step is being taken to send the second Israeli plan, which is the strategic goal of the US in the Greater Middle East Project, to the garbage of history.

Impact of the declaration across the globe

All that we're talking about are the parameters that will finally rearrange the geopolitical balance across the globe. A major change in the status quo in the Middle East particularly in Syria, which is at the center of the world power struggle will absolutely make a game-changing effect in the international plane.

As the results of the assassination of the Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov showed us; every negative action against the alliance of the countries of the region is making the regional alliance inevitable. The US which is rapidly losing in Syria is also being defeated in Turkey. The US, which has been experincing a global decline since the early 2000s, is accelerating towards the final defeat.

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