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Ahmadinejad: Charisma of the Plainness



First of all the hot agenda. That's to say the Kurdish initiative process

The AKP-PKK/HDP finally got on the stage together.

This is a new pase


* * *


So what?

Let's say what will not happen rather than what will happen?

I do not think they can find a solution.

Both parties are aware of this.

The PKK knows that they cannot get what they want.

The AKP believes that they cannot give what the PKK wants.

Because the reality of Turkey and the region do not allow them.

However, they act like they will achieve a great success because of necessity.

They have to distract people's attention.

Because the results of the armed struggle would be devastating for both sides.

At least until the elections.

Note: Unless a third power intervenes to end the process earlier.


* * *


Actually I will write about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today.

The sixth conservative President of Iran (2005-2013).

We were together during the Kurdish Initiative talks in Istanbul.


* * *


Let's start with a few points.

Our meeting was at 10:00. We could start at 11:30.

The usual culprit for the delay was ready: Traffic jam.

It seems like there is also a "style" problem.


* * *


The journalists and academics were invited.

I searched for the three political tendency in the saloon. 

Here are the views from the saloon:

The AKP media: several journalists from different newspapers.

Pro-government columnists: Their names were on the table but they were not in the saloon.

Mainstream media organs were not there.

The old fans of the Iranian revolution. They also did not show an interest in the meeting as I was expected.

Of course, I was not surprised.

Because: They get their salaries from the pro-government or Gülenist media.

It's known that both sides are against Iran according to the political conjuncture.

However, Ahmadinejad is always a media phenomenon.



* * *


I asked the people in the organization about the relations between Ahmadinejad and the spiritual leader Khamenei.

They provided an automatic answer to me: "It's good". 

But they feel the neccessity of emphasizing again: "very good".


* * *

We need a few updated details.

My objection is ready: I know that he had problems with Khamenei in the last two years of his Presidency. 

I mean the Vice President was accused of corruption.

They understand that I closely monitor Iran.

They made a 'local' analogy to persuade me.

"Ahmadinejad is a honest man just like the former Turkish President Bülent Ecevit but unfortunately his close circle..."

It is interesting, isn't it?

They want to give an example regarding honesty but an Islamist politician from Turkey does not come to their mind...



* * *


Ahmadinejad finally arrives.

I see him for the first time. He is just as I thought.

He's shaking everyone's hands

There is no exaggeration in Ahmadinejad's way of using body language.

I see the chairsma of the plainness of a man of the people


* * *


In 2005 everyone was saying that Hashemi Rafsanjani would win the elections.

However, the people chose this ordinary-looking professor.

His secret was his simplicity.


* * *


Once they told me in Tehran,

There are a few days till the 2005 election.

The journalists came to the house of Ahmadinejad and asked his son if there was a jacuzzi in the bathroom.

The answer of his son was so meaningful: "what is a jacuzzi?"

Result: The poor people of Iran consider Ahmadinejad as a figure from their circle.


* * *


Let's talk about his speech.

What can you say in a family meeting in a neighbor's house?

Especially in a polite term.

Ahmadinejad also made it: talked about the general truths:

The key sentence was: "Turkey and Iran should act together".

He was aware of the importance of this discourse.

He had also some secret news: "The coming of Imam Mahdi [the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will reportedly rule for seven, nine, or nineteen years before the Day of Judgment] was very close.


* * *


I begin to speak: I had a determination and a question.

Determination: Turkey's secularists took a right stance rather than Islamists during the crisis in Syria.

My question was about the efforts of Turkey and Iran to act together in Syria. 

His Answer: There were no objection to my determination.


* * *


He approached to me at the end of the meeting.

And hold my hand. We sat in a corner.

I asked two questions. He answered.

He told me that it was "private".

It means not to cover them.

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