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“AKP Cannot Reach Its Goals with Train-Equip Program”

Syrian Information Ministry Undersecretary Bessam Abu Abdullah has commented on the train-equip program of the US and Turkey

 Şafak Terzi / Interview

We talked about the operation on the Tomb of Salesman Shah by Turkish Armed Forces int he first part of our interview with Syrian Information Ministry Undersecretary Bessam Ebu Abdullah, who has the right to make a statement first after the Syrain Presidency. Abdullah regarded the operation as “an attack”, blaming Turkish President Erdoğan and his government for their poor Syrian politics. We talked about the train-equip program this time with Prof. Abdullah.

Train-Equip Program is not Serious”

*Do you think that the train-equip program of Washington and Ankara is serious?

The US wanted to launch this program years ago. I do not think that it is serious. They are talking about 1200 people getting trained. However, the AKP government has brought more than 20.000 terrorists to Syria with failure. I think that this is some kind of a fake business between the US and AKP. They have not changed anything so far, they will not be able to do so from now on. They cannot ruin any balance against the Syrian army. They also cannot change anything amıng the opposition groups in Aleppo. Believing in that would be a mistake. This program has nothing to do with frozen regions solution of UN Syrian Special Representative Staffan De Mistura to end the clashes in Aleppo.

Russia Can Be an Element of Oppression”

* There is a development recently between Russia and Turkey. Do you think, considering the energy agreement, the approach of Turkey towards Syria can change within the frame of its relationship with Russia?

I think that especially Russian government has important gains in this energy agreement. So does Turkey. Russia can be an element of oppression on Turkey about Syria. Turkey has become utterly isolated in the region due to its politics. Erdoğan said a week ago that the relationships with the world leaders are not that important. The new Turkish government will have problems about this as a result of all these developments. They all prove that Erdoğan’s government has been isolated, the foreign politics of the AKP have failed and new Ottomanism has collapsed. I think that Turkey should find another new solutions about internal and foreign affairs.

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