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AKP Gives 500 Million Dollars to KRG

The Group President of the Goran Movement (Change) in Iraqi Parliament Hoşyar Abdullah has made a statement in the meeting with Kurdish representatives in Arbil. Abdullah told Kurdish Rudaw news site that the KRG had received $500 million from the Turkish AKP government to pay off the salaries of officers.

Northern Iraqi Economy Minister Rebaz Mohammed has announced that the money for two tankers of oil arrived Erbil in August 2014. The exact amount is reportedly 170 million dollars. Mohammed said: “That money will not be enough for everything. We need to export more oil.” Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yıldız claimed that 42 million barrels of oil arrived Turkey so far.

Northern Iraqi oil goes through Kirkuk-Yumurtalık Oil Pipeline in accordance with the agreement between Erbil and Baghdad for 15 years. Yıldız stated: “We have reached 37 millions of barrels from Northern Iraq to Turkey. It is 450.000 barrels per day. Our goal is to reach 550.000 barrels per day, and then 1 million stabilized.”

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