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Autonomy Plan for Musul and Kirkuk

Iraqi Nujaifi family, Erdogan-Davutoglu duo has been collaborating for a very long time, are looking for establishing an autonomous administration in Mosul. Barzani administration supports this initiative. They aim to bring an autonomous status to Kirkuk to annex it to Middle East's second Israel, the Greater Kurdistan


What will be the role of Turkey in US's Mosul operation which will began on April 2015? According to the government circles, the AKP government is trying to create an impression like Turkey will provide a limited support to the operation. The reason for that is to prevent the reactions coming from the Turkish public opinion and the AKP grassroots. On the other hand, the AKP thinks that they will lose if Turkey does not take place in the operation.

The results of the US invasions in Iraq in 1991 and 2003 which Turkey was also engaged with same reasons are clear: They forced Turkey to lay the foundation of the second Israel in northern Iraq!

Turkey's extended role in US led Mosul Operation

Its clear that Turkey's participation in Mosul operation will be more extended than its expected. The equip-train program for the Peshmarga forces which was started before signing the equip-train deal with the US towards the Syrian opposition, Turkey's recent cross-border operation Shah-Euphrates and finally Mosul Governor Nujaifi's statement revealing the deal between Turkey and Iraqi Sunni militias are all concrete evidences helping us to expect the extend of Turkey's role in the Mosul operation.

Creating tribal brigades for Syrians in Turkey and Peshmarga in Iraq with the equip-train deal reveals that Turkey began to pursue its covert seperation activities in Syria and Iraq by using military forces in a more transparent way. Moreover, Turkey is currently in the same front with the PKK and Peshmarga which the US adopts as the most reliable ally against the ISIL.

The meaning of collaborating with Nujaifi

PM Davutoğlu responding questions regarding the Mosul operation states that Turkey supports the activities led by Iraqi government, Kurdish Regional Government and the governor of Mosul Asil Nujaifi. 

Usama Nujayfi, the current Vice President of Iraq who came to Ankara to visit PM Davutoglu and his brother Asil Nujaifi are in a close contact with the AKP government for a very long time. The Nujaifi family has been making effort to establish a distinct autonomous zone in Mosul for a very long time. Barzani supports this initiative because the secterian conflict which will grow after this formation will relax Barzani against the decayed central government of Iraq. 

Transition model in Kirkuk

However, one of the most the significant gains of Barzani administration will be annexing Kirkuk which was invaded by the ISIL in last June to the Greater Kurdistan. Of course not only Kirkuk, but also the "disputed territories" which Barzani claims since the US invasion in 2003. 

The Barzani administration was recently revealed their their ultimate goal saying "We will not withdraw from Kirkuk and other places that we entered after the ISIL attack.

Turkmens are being ignored

The US Mosul operation aims the establishment of an autonomous administration in Mosul and Kirkuk. This is a formula produced for smoothing the way to annex Kirkuk to the Barzani administration. Turkmens whose populations were reduced with planned immigrations since the US invasion in 2003 are being ignored. The US want them to obey Barzani.

The AKP is also a part in this project. Aydınlık had previously covered President Erdogan's words to the President of Iraqi Turkmen Front Erşat Salihi in 28 June 2014. Erdogan said "Mosul and Kirkuk will be an autonomous zone, so, arrange your position accordingly."

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