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Cuban Official Clarifies Starting Diplomatic Relations with US

Cuban Communist Party committee member Idalmis Brooks has told Aydınlık about the importance of the Cuban Revolution and clarified the diplomatic relationship issue between the US and Cuba.

Some Cuban officials have told the Aydınlık Newspaper about the importance of the Cuban Revolution.

In the 19th Union of International Parties and New Societies, Aydınlık Newspaper has talked with some Cuban officials who emphasized the importance of the Cuban Revolution. Cuban Communist Party committee member Idalmis Brooks Beltran has commented on the diplomatic relationship between the US and Cuba. 

Beltran emphasized the fact that recent developments between the two countries have not changed the strategic perspectives of Cuba. 

"No one should not be confused about this. The US has realized that their politics over Cuba were faulty after 55 years of embargo. They proposed us to negotiate. We are simply for establishing political relationships. However, we will be careful especially against the American activity against Cuban youth," he stated. 

He also underlined the fact that they would be for the Bolivarian Revolution. He explained what the new relationship with the US mean to Cuban people: “I was in a seminar in Havana on 17 December. The decision to normalize the relationship with the US was announced that day at 12:00. […] It will let Cuban people to communicate with their immigrated relatives more easily.”  

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