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Egypt Court Jails Morsi for 20 Years Over Protester Deaths

An Egyptian court on Tuesday sentenced ousted President Mohamed Morsi and others to 20 years in jail for inciting the murder of opposition protesters three years ago.

 Egypt's toppled President Morsi was found guilty along with 12 co-defendants of inciting the murder of demonstrators during clashes between his supporters and opponents outside eastern Cairo's Ittihadiya presidential palace in December of 2012.

The defendants, including senior leaders of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, were also convicted of mobilizing supporters in order to "intimidate, detain and torture" dozens of Morsi's opponents who had camped out for days outside the palace.

Two other defendants were sentenced to ten years each on similar charges.

Yasser Abdel-Hamid, one of the plaintiffs, said the verdict handed down against Morsi and the others was "satisfactory."

"We are satisfied with the verdict, even though we did not expect the court to acquit [Morsi and his co-defendants] of premeditated murder charges," he told AA.

Abdel-Hamid said he expected prosecutors to appeal the court's decision to clear Morsi and his co-defendants of the premeditated murder charge.

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