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Fethullah Gulen's World Wide Terrorist Network Exposed

After reshuffle, the number of FETO officials abroad was cut from 14 to 11, and the personnel was revised, says source

(AA) Once the senior management and structure abroad of the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) was exposed, the organization cut the number of its executives from 14 people to 11. At the same time, new figures such as Naci Tosun, Resit Haylamaz, Mustafa Yesil, Sadik Kesmeci and Irfan Yilmaz were added to the management roster.



The top European operative of FETO, which is active in 30 European countries, is one of the organization's top figures Abdullah Aymaz


Active in 20 Asian countries, FETO's "Israel Imam" Harun Tokak is the number two suspects in an indictment by the chief public prosecutor's office in the western Turkish province of Usak against FETO finance section.


FETO is active in many Asia-Pacific countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, and Papua New Guinea, as well as in Australia


Ismail Buyukcelebi, who is in the red category on the terrorist most wanted list, was named FETO's top operative in the US in 2010


Active in the continent, FETO has operatives in 20 African countries

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